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We are a Magento Agency, specializing in building enterprise eCommerce store fronts. With a solid team of over 25 Magento Certified Developers, DCKAP has been trusted worldwide by Enterprise Magento Customers in delivering high performance eCommerce web portals. Our technical expertise includes Enterprise Magento Development, Magento ERP Integrations, Enterprise Magento Upgrades and Magento QA.

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Magento B2B Implementation

B2B customers are evolving at a rapid pace and are expecting experiences similar to B2C online store fronts/marketplaces. Magento which revolutionized the B2C space, is hustling its way up in the B2B eCommerce landscape, with its best in class features. Magento, now tops the IR 300 B2B eCommerce companies, with more and more retailers adopting it for its out of the box features that are tailor made for B2B customers.

DCKAP has spearheaded numerous Magento B2B implementations for retailers in the Healthcare, Sports goods, Manufacturing and Distribution verticals. Our B2B implementation is supported by an expert team of Magento Certified developers along with years of expertise in building successful Magento B2B store-fronts.

Magento ERP Integration

In the current Omnichannel retail ecosystem, retailers require a seamless integration between their ERP system and Magento eCommerce store front. Synchronizing all the functions of a retailer which includes supply chain, stock management, logistics, payments and CRM with the eCommerce store front is crucial to provide a consistent user experience across all channels.

We believe every retailer operate in an unique way according to their business needs, hence the ERP system, its architecture and the business process would be different. Our methodology of Magento ERP integration involves in understanding the retailer's business environment and providing an apt solution that creates tremendous value to the business.


Oracle Magento Integration

Oracle is a global leader in Database Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Integrating Magento and Oracle combines the benefits of both these feature rich systems to provide massive benefits to the retailer.

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SAP Magento Integration

Leading organizations across the world rely on SAP based ERP systems for their products, resources and customer management. In an omnichannel retail Integrating SAP and Magento provides an edge to create a world class customer experience.

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Magento P21 Integration

Magento P21 Integration helps retailers combine the features of two feature rich platforms to create a powerful omni-channel retail solution that helps merchants to fulfill the never ending needs of a customer.

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Odoo Magento Integration

Odoo Magento Integration

Odoo Magento Integration brings in the power of the platform that has numerous in built application for Sales, Operations, Marketing, eCommerce into Magento thereby enhancing the power of the modern eCommerce retailer.

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Magento 2

Magento 2.x is the most recent version of Magento that's creating a lot of buzz in the eCommerce space. With a complete architectural and structural redesign Magento 2 boasts features that include a Modular code base, Faster Page load speeds, Flexible Architecture, Robust Security, Elastic search, Staging support and much more. Being one of the primary agencies involved in Magento 2 Upgrade our Magento certified developers can provide a seamless transition from your existing Magento store front to a high performance Magento 2 Omni-channel Solution.

Magento Managed Services

Every Magento web store requires periodic maintenance and overhaul to enhance user experience. Most of these updates require immediate patches with quick turnaround time. This where our Managed Services team come in, we analyze each requirement and provide quick time fixes to ensure zero downtime. Every task runs through an in-depth analysis and handled through an efficient ticketing process so that there is complete transparency for all stakeholders.

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Magento Quality Assurance

The road to eCommerce excellence in Magento is not complete without a full-fledged Quality Assurance process. Small glitches and performance bottlenecks have a great impact in sales and conversions. A complete Magento QA process helps retailers to zero in on the exact errors and provide a glitch free user experience. With customer acquisition happening across mobiles and web it becomes all the more necessary to provide a consistent user experience.

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