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DCKAP eSessions Exclusively For AHTD Members

DCKAP eSessions

DCKAP eSessions Exclusively For AHTD Members

July 9, 2020

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM EST

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DCKAP eSessions

How To Drive Offline Sales With eCommerce

Utilize the full potential of the online and offline store of your business by approaching them with eCommerce strategies that help drive sales for your physical store. Do not miss out on key opportunities by focusing on them individually. Instead, create endless opportunities where your offline sales equally contribute to the growth of your business by meshing them together.

Learn some of the latest digital tactics that can be synced with your eCommerce store to drive in-store footfall. Here are some takeaways from the eSessions:

  • How to generate leads through e-mail marketing sign-ups in your physical stores.
  • Learn how to create a seamless experience between e-tail and retail storefronts using a mobile application.
  • Effective eCommerce digital strategies that can help your offline store to increase sales.
  • How to utilize your social media channels to drive traffic and build relationships with your customers both offline and online.
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