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Getting Started with AWS Serverless Architectures

DCKAP Speaker Series

Getting Started with AWS Serverless Architectures

July 10, 2020

6.00 PM to 7.00 PM IST


Rohini Gaonkar

Sr. Developer Advocate
Amazon Web Services

Speaker Series Featuring Rohini Gaonkar

Speaker Series is an ongoing virtual webinar that happens every Friday, where we spotlight the distinguished thought leaders, technology masters and change-makers around the globe to address on varied topics which matters to the community most.

About the Virtual Session

This week is dedicated to AWS Serverless Architectures

Serverless architectures let you build and deploy applications and services with infrastructure resources that require zero administration.

In the past, you had to provision and scale servers to run your application code, install and operate distributed databases, and build and run custom software to handle API requests. Now, AWS provides a stack of scalable, fully-managed services that eliminates these operational complexities.

“You will also get practical tips and tricks, best practices, and architecture patterns that you can take back and implement immediately”

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Session 1 ( 6.00 PM to 7.00 PM IST )
Getting Started with AWS Serverless Architectures – Rohini Gaonkar

Key Takeaways

  • Brief intro about serverless architectures
  • The perks of using serverless architecture in AWS
  • The basics of the AWS’s serverless stack (e.g., AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, and AWS Step Functions).


Rohini Gaonkar

Sr. Developer Advocate

Amazon Web Services


She brings over a decade of experience in Information Technology, primarily focusing on Cloud Computing technologies. With AWS for the last 6+ years, she has worked on multiple roles including being a Solutions Architect (SA) in ASEAN & India. As a SA she has focused on the needs of cloud-native customers and is actively involved in the DevOps & Containers space. She has been leading conversations with businesses of all industries and sizes on innovation, as they deploy critical workloads onto the cloud. As a Developer Advocate, she is passionate to share her experiences on building architectures with best practices, and help strengthen builders of tomorrow.

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