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The Journey to Becoming a Leader in B2B Events

DCKAP eSessions


Dec 17, 2020 | Watch Now

In this month’s DCKAP eSession, join us for an on-demand and in-depth look back at some of the most memorable moments along our journey, from an idea just starting to ripen, to producing the DCKAP eSummit and the monthly eSessions series, a combined community initiative to discuss the best ways to find online success in B2B. It all started with a gathering of like-minded partners, with a handful of speakers sharing successful strategies around B2B for IDS (Industrial Distribution Summit), a one-day conference event hosted by DCKAP at the Hilton in Cleveland, Ohio on March 26, 2019. It was so successful that it fueled our drive to grow our efforts. From there, we ran with our successes and the road expanded. We soon started the eSessions journey, as a way to continue the conversations even after the eSummit, and it’s been growing ever since!

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Key Takeaways:

Highlights from Our Journey of eSummit and eSession Events!

Behind the Scenes & Some of Our Most Memorable Moments.

Interviews with the DCKAP Team & A Look Back with Featured Guests.

A Fun Holiday Contest with Prizes - DCKAP Swag Boxes & Amazon eGift Cards

Holiday Giveaways

Join us on December 17, 2020, for the release of our DCKAP eSessions: The Journey to Becoming a Leader in B2B Events video! Register to get exclusive first access and look out for the randomly placed “Christmas eggs” that we’ll be including throughout the video. When you register, we’ll send an email prior to the release of the video with more about our Holiday Contest and hints on what to look out for.

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