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MMVS #2 on Maintaining an Opensource Project and Adobe Commerce Cloud

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Magento Masters Virtual Series

Maintaining an Open Source Project and Introduction to Adobe Commerce Cloud

Vikrant Shukla

Business Solution Architect(APAC),
@Adobe India

Miguel Balparda

Product Manager,

Session 1

Maintaining an Open Source Project by Miguel Balparda

Session Notes

  • [1:44] Introduction to the open source
  • [2:27] What is an open source project and why it is better than proprietary code?
  • [8:34] Practical definition of issues
  • [12:21] Pull requests and how to create them
  • [14:30] A simple pull request example
  • [17:33] Links and Q&A


Session 2

Introduction to Adobe Commerce Cloud by Vikrant Shukla

Session Notes

  • [25:31] Introduction
  • [26:10] The opportunity, People buy experiences
  • [29:17] Commerce everywhere: Building personal, shoppable experiences
  • [30:29] Experience platform integration with Adobe Commerce
  • [31:37] Experience driven commerce maturity
  • [33:12] Adobe Commerce Cloud, the solution map
  • [35:10] Fulfill all your commerce needs in one platform
  • [36:17] Experience driven commerce
  • [40:12] Customer expectations
  • [45:15] Magento + Adobe Experience Cloud
  • [46:50] Open and extensible architecture
  • [47:50] The GraphQL usage
  • [48:50] CMS as a front-end
  • [50:28] Links and Q&A


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