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MMVS #3 on Headless Magento and Composition over Inheritance

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Magento Masters Virtual Series

Headless Magento, the Future of Ecommerce Industry and Composition over Inheritance

TJ Gamble

CEO & Founder,

Jayakanth Rajan

Magento U Authorized Instructor
@Product Lead – CLORAS,DCKAP

Session 1

Headless Magento, the Future of Ecommerce Industry by TJ Gamble

Session Notes

  • [4:08] Introduction to Headless
  • [5:56] What is PWA
  • [7:21] Why it’s overblown
  • [17:40] Architecture differences
  • [22:41] Building PWA on Magento and why they’re ahead of the competition
  • [24:52] Third-party libraries 
  • [28:30] Q&A


Session 2

Composition over Inheritance by Jayakanth Rajan

Session Notes

  • [54:16] Introduction
  • [55:55] What is Inheritance
  • [1:00:39]Object composition
  • [1:02:17] Constructor dependency injection
  • [1:03:46] Composition over the inheritance
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