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MMVS #5 on Bulk API in Magento 2

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Magento Masters Virtual Series

Bulk API in Magento 2

Lyzun Oleksandr

Magento Team Lead,


The DCKAP ecosystem always lies in the growth of its community. Our culture is people-centric. We love to learn new concepts and grow along with the community, where we strive to create a balanced ecosystem through which we thrive.

Currently, the world is in a phase of quarantine due to the breakout of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). But, no matter what, our love for learning will never stop.

We all know Magento is more than an eCommerce platform, it’s more powerful open-source software that encourages anyone around the world to contribute to the docs, development, code, users, and teaching of Magento.

At DCKAP, open source is a core part of our work — we strongly motivate knowledge sharing and believe that it’s really the best way to create the best possible software solutions.

Don’t miss out the insightful session for an hour from the 2X Magento Master:

Lyzun Oleksandr, Magento Team Lead at comwrap on “Bulk API in Magento 2

Mark your calendar on 01 June 2020 (Monday), Magento Masters Virtual Series #5 and get ready to explore all things Magento.

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