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Testing – Deep and Shallow | Distributed Testing Infrastructure

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QA Touch Virtual Series #3

Testing - Deep and Shallow | Distributed Testing Infrastructure

July 13, 2020

10.00 AM to 11.30 AM EST


Michael Bolton

Rapid Software Testing consultant, teacher and co-author

Sneha Viswalingam

Staff Test Automation Engineer
ZOLL Medical Corporation

QA Touch Virtual Series #3

“Testing is all about seeking and finding trouble so that customers don’t” – Michael Bolton

QA Touch Virtual Series happens every month where we bring in thought leaders, skilled teachers, and prominent speakers from the Quality Assurance/Testing community to share their thoughts and insights on trending testing techniques.

Our intention is to provide a platform and opportunity for ardent learners to learn from industry leaders.

About the webinar:

  • As a testing professional, which one do you think is better? Shallow testing or Deep testing?
  • Which one should you choose and how will it help you?

Hear from the Veteran Testing Teacher, Author, and Consultant – Michael Bolton

  • Are you a software tester hoping to hone your skills on Selenium Grid, Terraform, and Distributed?

Hear from Test Automation Engineer and Speaker Sneha Viswalingam


Session 1 (10.00 to 10.45 AM EDT)
Michael Bolton – “Testing – Deep and Shallow”

Session 2 (10.45 to 11.30 AM EDT)
Sneha Viswalingam – “Building Distributed Test Infrastructure using Selenium Grid, Terraform and AWS”

Key Takeaways

  • Deep Testing techniques and how it will help in finding more critical bugs
  • Difference between Deep and Shallow testing and how, when & where to use them
  • Importance of distributed testing
  • Using selenium grid, Terraform and AWS
  • Learning to implement infrastructure as code



Michael Bolton

Rapid Software Testing consultant, teacher and co-author

DevelopSense, Canada


Michael Bolton is a consulting software tester and testing teacher, who helps people to solve testing problems that they didn’t realize they could solve. In 2006, he became co-author (with James Bach) of Rapid Software Testing (RST). RST is a methodology and mindset for testing software expertly and credibility in uncertain conditions, and under extreme time pressure. Since then, he has flown over a million miles to teach RST in 35 countries on six continents.

Michael has 25 years of experience testing, developing, managing, and writing about software. For the last 18 years, he has led DevelopSense, a Toronto-based testing and development consultancy. Prior to that, he was with Quarterdeck Corporation for eight years, where he managed the company’s flagship products and directed project and testing teams both in-house and around the world.


Sneha Viswalingam

Staff Test Automation Engineer

ZOLL Medical Corporation, Greater Pittsburgh Region


Sneha Viswalingam, Staff Test Automation Engineer at Zoll Lifevest in Pittsburgh, USA. She started her career in the exciting field of Test Automation in Silicon Valley where she got opportunities to learn and grow in the field of QA in different domains. Her interest lies in topics like Continuous Testing, Testing in Machine Learning projects, Software Operations, Test and Infrastructure automation, Agile, Regulatory. Sneha likes to blog, speak at tech conferences and create videos related to testing and professional development. She highly values community building and the human side of the industry as much as the technical side. she teaches high school kids how to code through the Microsoft TEALS K12 program.

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