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Walk for a Great Cause at P21WWUG Connect 2022

Walk For Charity at P21WWUG Connect

Walk for a great cause and help benefit the 'Save The Children Foundation'

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Hosted by EstesGroup & DCKAP

Are you attending the annual P21WWUG Connect event? This year, the DCKAP team and our amazing partners at EstesGroup have banded together to offer attendees a fun pre-event activity on the morning of the first day at P21WWUG Connect 2022. So, put on your walking shoes and come join us on August 29, 2022, from 7 am to 10 am CST at the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort in San Antonio.


Get Some Exercise and Enjoy a Good Meal Afterwards

We’ll meet at a designated area on the grounds prior to the P21WWUG Connect event, where we’ll start the day with coffee and refreshments before heading out on the walking path. Then, we’ll provide attendees with a delicious breakfast to enjoy once finished with the walk.

DCKAP and EstesGroup have committed to matching the total amount of donations made on the day of the walk, which will be collected onsite. Any donations are optional and will not be required to take part in the walk, but they are greatly appreciated and every dollar will help support a wonderful cause.

Another great way to contribute (even outside of the official event itself) is by downloading the Charity Miles app and choosing your preferred charity, to take part in the process of miles-based donations that will be made in addition to anything given onsite.

Save The Children Foundation

Save the Children are global leaders in child health, education and protection, helping to change children’s lives for the better. Based in the United States, they work to aid children in crisis around the world, providing education, support, and the necessary health and emergency care services to those in greatest need.

Considering the many situations of concern and increasing contention, such as the conflicts in Ukraine and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, there is an ever pressing need for relief foundations. According to statistics highlighted by the Save the Children foundation, “there are more children living in conflict and war zones now than at any time in the past 20 years, as well as more child refugees.”

Missed this year? Read the blog
What better reason to do any small part that we can?

Take a walk with friends, get your steps in for the day, and help support refugee children in need.

Missed this year? Read the blog