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Word Smatter: Exploring Semantics, Testers, and Problems

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QA Masterclass #4

Word Smatter: Exploring Semantics, Testers, and Problems

August 18, 2020

10.00 AM to 11.00 AM EST


Damian Synadinos

Founder & CEO, Ineffable Solutions
President, QA or the Highway

QA Masterclass #4

Exploring Semantics, Testers, and Problems – Introducing, demystifying, and using semantics to better understand testers and testing

QA Masterclass happens every month where we bring in thought leaders, skilled teachers, and prominent speakers from the Quality Assurance/Testing community to share their thoughts and insights on trending testing techniques.

Our intention is to provide a platform and opportunity for ardent learners to learn from industry leaders.

About the webinar:

Semantics is the study of meaning in words. The session begins with a brief and broad overview of semantics, and related ideas, which sets the stage for deep analysis of each individual word and its potential meaning.

We collaboratively consider:

Testers – What might this word mean to different people and in different contexts?
Do/Don’t – What do normative and descriptive statements have to do with it?
Help – How does the inclusion/exclusion of this word affect the meaning of the phrase?
Prevent/Detect – What does causality and perspective have to do with which word we choose?
Problems – What exactly is the thing that is being prevented or detected?

This session demystifies and promotes semantics, and goes beyond wordplay to introduce critical concepts that have practical impacts on testers, their roles, and their responsibilities.


Session 1 (10.00 AM to 11.00 AM EST)
Word Smatter: Exploring Semantics, Testers, and Problems – Damian Synadinos

Key TakeAways

  • A deeper understanding and appreciation of semantic discussions.
  • How causality and relativism affect perception?
  • What exactly is testing, quality, and bugs?


Damian Synadinos

Founder & CEO, Ineffable Solutions

President, QA or the Highway


For more than 25 years, Damian Synadinos has been helping “build better software and build software better” through testing. Now, through his company Ineffable Solutions, he helps “build better people”. Damian is an international keynote speaker and trainer, delivering talks and workshops that are focused on fundamental topics and people-skills, based on real-world experience, and supplemented with deep research. His diverse experience spans many roles, companies, and industries, including finance, retail, insurance, education, and realty. Damian also helps organize an annual, regional testing conference (, has over 10 years of theatrical improv experience, and authored and illustrated a children’s book, “Hank and Stella in Something from Nothing” (

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