The Magento-flexiPIM Connector

Gain control over multiple e-commerce stores from a single place

Create rich and meaningful product experiences for your customers with seamless syncing of product information from flexiPIM to Magento

Convert your e-commerce store visitors into buyers with easy-to-manage well-crafted catalogs and multichannel ability. Ensure customer satisfaction for your buyers with compelling product descriptions with Magento-flexiPIM connector

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We understand your challenges with PIM

  • Handling enormous data
  • Asset Management
  • Disorganized product catalogs
  • Maintaining pricing
  • Order Management
  • Low site traffic
  • Manual errors
  • Abandoned carts
  • Multichannel management

Upgrade your eCommerce store with a Magento-PIM connector and achieve

  • Hassle-free Product Information Management
  • Noteworthy product description pages
  • Organized catalogs
  • Omnichannel pricing control
  • Efficient workflows
  • Faster time to market
  • Greater sales
  • Lesser abandoned carts
  • Increased ROI
  • Omnichannel e-commerce
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Here’s what you can do with the Magento-flexiPIM connector

Maintain and manage multiple Magento stores, store views, and websites from flexiPIM
Set up multiple languages and currencies and sell anywhere
Automate product data sync from ERPs/data aggregators/providers/back end systems
Enrich migrated product information in flexiPIM or directly sync them over to Magento channel(s)
Easily manage and sync related attributes
Easily change the sort order of Magento categories, attributes, attribute groups, digital assets, and products directly from flexiPIM
Manage category taxonomy/navigation, digital assets (Images, Videos, Documents, and so on), and meta-data/SEO information for Magento from flexiPIM
Sync related products(Like cross-sell and up-sell) to Magento
Access Magento attributes and configurable products/variants from flexiPIM.
Schedule timely syncs and on-demand manual sync
Don’t worry if your import gets intercepted due to a bad network or anything else, it will resume from the interception point

Take control of your Magento experience