Virtual Event

B2B Demand Generation Checklist

Oct 14, 2020 | 9 AM EST

Nemanja Zivkovic

Fill your sales funnel with leads that you’ll love to work upon.

Maybe in the future, there will be a time where the products will sell themselves. But right now they don’t. So, the onus falls back on us – the manufacturers and the marketers to showcase and sell our products.

You might have heard this line many times – “No matter how magnificient your product is, unless you have a smart marketing strategy, the cash registers stay silent.”

Yes, marketing is sophisticated, and the more complex your business or products are, the harder it can be to know where to get started. Be a part of our session to know what it takes to create the ultimate B2B Demand Generation Checklist. And gain real-time marketing insights you need to wade through the competition for staying ahead.

Make your products noticeable. Increase traffic. Bring more prospects. And subsequently, sales. Let’s make your product be what it has been created for – to be the best.

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About Speaker

Nemanja Zivkovic is the CEO of Funky Marketing, a company that creates demand generation programs primarily for the B2B software-based companies in the growth phase and helps them to constantly generate revenue with inbound and content strategies and scale.

The focus is on the results, with a slice of funk (a big fan of Motown, GTA, and funky music in general).

He has nearly a decade of work in marketing and business development, and advanced experience in creating successful marketing strategies, achieving goals, and building high-performance teams for international and domestic clients from many industries and niches.