Virtual Event

Uncovering Actionable Data Through Product Surveys

Nov 04, 2020 | 9 am EST to 10 am EST

Albert Chang

The way customers feel or think about your product is one of the most defining factors for any brand whose products are available in the market. Or for an emerging business going to launch a set of products.

But how will companies know what customers think?

A survey data shows that 52% of development teams report that their roadmap for new introductions begins with feedback. In other words, conversations start with listening and gathering ideas that can create impactful products to exceed customers’ expectations. However, 90% of companies fail to capture feedback from all available sources successfully – and a third (33%) of product development teams have no process whatsoever for capturing customer feedback.

The most important part of the conversation is listening when it comes to creating new features or solutions. So why are brands struggling to gather vital feedback? And what can entrepreneurs and distributors do, right now, to tune in to the voice that matters most: the voice of the customer?

Product Surveys are a great way to understand the customers and also another opportunity (or a chance) to talk to your customers and show them that you care. You can retain them too. And there come brownie points for customer retention.

From a customer perspective, surveys are always long, boring, and do not add value to their life. This being the scenario, what can brands do to make their surveys meaningful, engaging, and importantly, crisp, to get a 100% response rate?

Because surveys are not just answers or opinions from existing customers or wannabe buyers. Surveys take you through your customer’s thought process and help you make the best ever product(s) one could ever ask for. Though surveys don’t guarantee success, they provide insights on what customers are looking for, and those details are commendable indeed.

Join this session to understand how to uncover actionable data through product surveys that will allow you to stay ahead in the competition with data-backed inputs.