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Simple Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integration

DCKAP Integrator helps your business grow faster. Deliver a seamless ecommerce experience efficiently when you integrate Salesforce Commerce Cloud with your ERP, CRM and other business systems.

Outmatch the Competition

Connect Salesforce Commerce Cloud to your ERP, CRM and other business systems so accurate real-time data powers your success. Don’t waste time or money on subpar integration platforms and manual processes. Get DCKAP Integrator working for you today.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integration

Reliable and robust integration propels your B2B ecommerce

  • Enhance your ecommerce ecosystem with real-time data
  • Automate data sharing across all channels for accuracy and efficiency
  • Promote data-driven decision-making
  • Simplify inventory management, order fulfillment and invoicing
  • Improve visibility on performance


Flexible flow designers, pre-built connectors and mapping modifiers easily connect Salesforce Commerce Cloud to your other systems.

Real-Time Sync

View real-time sales insights, product demand and performance analytics to make strategic, data-driven decisions.

User-Friendly Interface

DCKAP’s intuitive UI facilitates success. It simplifies integration across platforms and is easy to use from day one.

Multi-Platform Integration

Connect your Salesforce Commerce Cloud store with thousands of other platforms and applications, including ERP, CRM, social media and PIM solutions.


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