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Magento Development Service

Magento is one of the world’s leading eCommerce platforms, which gives you the power to create unique and engaging shopping experiences. Enjoy rich, out-of-the-box features, an unrivaled ability to customize, and seamless third-party integrations.

Over 250,000 online stores rely on this powerful CMS to run their online business, and merchants using Magento have experienced growth three times faster, on average. Premier brands like Ford, Omega Watches, Bvlgari, Canon, Nike, Coca-cola, Swatch, Vizio, and many more, trusted Magento as their perfect choice for online business.

Choose the right Magento Development Service for your eCommerce store. A Magento development company with skilled Magento developers will give you endless opportunities to build the perfect store that aligns with your business requirements.

Magento Development Service

Our Magento Development Services

The development phase of a Magento 2 website involves accurate planning and execution. The development stage deals with complex third-party integrations and custom functions to enhance the communication between the end-user and your Magento store. DCKAP is committed to the timely delivery of Magento development projects. Once our team initiates the development process, the business requirements are thoroughly analyzed and segregated to deliver the project on time.

Magento Development Service

Design is the first impression delivered to your customers through a website. Design plays a vital role in maintaining the brand reputation of your business. Our Magento Development team will ensure to deliver aesthetically pleasing websites with a responsive user interface design.

Customized theme design, SEO Optimization, User responsive design, and right placement of call to actions come in handy when you decide to choose our Magento development service.

User Interface & User Experience are two primary considerations while building your storefront online. Magento is one such platform that fulfills these requirements for a website.

A fully designed Magento website will invite your customers through attractive themes, enhanced functionality, advanced integrations, and customizable features. A fully equipped Magento website will give an unforgettable experience to your customers, thus enabling them to achieve your business goals.

Magento Development Service
Magento Development Service

Building a perfect Magento 2 store needs technical expertise and proven skills from a certified Magento developer. Our team with such Magento developers can make your online storefront stand out from the other online storefronts.

A well-developed Magento website will involve front end development for design and backend development for enhancing the functionalities. Our Magento development service will ensure the accurate implementation of features for your website.

Performance and scalability are powerful benefits of Magento 2 platform. This can be incorporated into your website through proper Magento 2 integration. Integration possibilities are endless with DCKAP’s Magento developers.

Our team will successfully implement CRM and ERP integrations on your website to improve speed through the automation of specific processes. A website with Magento integration will contribute to error-free performance and happier customers. Our Magento developers have consistently delivered integrations to projects and have seen their website performing at its peak.

Magento Development Service

Our Work in Magento Development


“Technico has worked with DCKAP to provide an interface between our ERP system, Epicor Prophet 21, and our Magento eCommerce site, via their CLORAS API. Their insight, teamwork and knowledge base has proved invaluable to the progress of the project.”


Owner of Technico






“We had been working with a handful of different vendors, and at the time we realized that DCKAP was way above the rest from in terms of communication and technical expertise. We knew that they were working for us and had our best interests in mind. One thing that I really appreciate from DCKAP was their ability to communicate. Their communication skills were above and beyond what I have experienced with vendors. The relationship was such a great fit that we brought on DCKAP employees in-house to work with us directly.”

Dan Schuessler

Digital Project Manager, Riddell


Website Traffic




“DCKAP has been instrumental in streamlining the development process and continued maintenance for our Magento site. Their attention to detail, response time and expertise have been invaluable in getting our site up to speed and improving conversion. We have been continually impressed by the quality of work and tight turn around times DCKAP and Mohan Natarajan are able to deliver on, and we look forward to our continuing our work together.”

Jessie Kressen

Creative Services Manager, Bottle Store- O.Berk Company


Conversion Rate




“Strategically, we set out to have the most robust technology platform in the rapidly growing hemp industry. Our technology is a major differentiator, enabling us to scale quickly, safely and efficiently. When evaluating business partners and solutions, DCKAP and Magento were a perfect fit.”

Steve Raack

CEO, Vitalibis


website traffic


Conversion rate


Thank you! Your company far exceeded our expectations and we would recommend you to others if asked! Thanks again!”

Scott Thompson

IT Manager & Project Lead

Advanced wireless
We’re a Proud Magento Partner

DCKAP is a certified Magento development agency with about 30+ Certified Developers that helps Magento Customers to transform in order to improve their performance and competitive positioning. DCKAP is also a Magento U Authorised Trainer.

Magento Solutions Partner

Magento Hosting is done Safe, Secure, and Stable.

DCKAP partners with Nexcess to deliver all the hosting support our clients need. With Nexcess, online stores can experience the power of Magento hosting and align performance requirements with the flexibility of dedicated infrastructure.

Secure hosting you can always rely on

Leave it to us, Your website is always protected with the best hosting service provider.

Magento Hosting Optimization as Standard

All your hosting needs are fulfilled as per your requirements and analysis of your site.

Magento Migration Assistance for your site

Transfer the data without any loss and our migration experts make it happen for you.

DCKAP stays with you at every touchpoint!

DCKAP is a Magento Development Service Provider and in our 15+ years of experience, We have served 350+ accounts and implemented 75+ Integrations with a powerful team of 50+ Magento Certified Professionals and 35 Magento 2 Trained Experts.

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What will be the size of the team assigned to my project?

A Magento development company like DCKAP will assign a team of Magento experts who are involved in the developing the project. This team will always have a business analyst who will prepare a business requirement document in order to understand the complete requirements and customization needs from the client’s end. Apart from this, the client’s proposal is handled by a project manager who will breakdown the requirements and assign it to a dedicated team of Magento developers, UI/UX Designers and Quality Analysts.

What factors do I have to consider before choosing the right Magento development service?

Always make sure to look for these three must-haves when you choose a Magento development company for your website:

  • The experience of the company in developing eCommerce websites.
  • Their customer case studies and testimonials that will gain your trust and give a projection of how your website will be built.
  • If you choose a certified solution partner of Magento, then you’re in good hands, they will know how to build websites that perfectly aligns with your organization goals.

What is the pricing model for a Magento Development Project?

We offer Start-up and Professional Packages for the entire setup for your Magento web development. The pricing model also varies from one project to another based on the client’s requirement.

How about the support services? If so, What will be the timeline for the support?

Our Magento support gets your online store covered with the following services:

  • Backend Development
  • Frontend Development
  • Hardware and Software Monitoring
  • Online Customer Service Portal
  • Email Issue Reporting
  • Magento Product Support
  • Priority-based Service Response
  • Talk to Support Team
  • Telephone Support
  • App Development Support
  • eCommerce Analytics Platform
  • QA Testing

You will have access to reach out to us for any support services at any time. We are available 24 x 7 x 365 to help you out.

Who will be my point of contact once my project is initiated by Magento developers from DCKAP?

We always recommend you to be in contact with the Project Manager who is incharge of your Magento web development. Additionally, You can contact any of your team members who are involved in the project. Contact us via mail, Skype, Slack and Trello. We also keep you updated on the status of your project in Basecamp/ JIRA groups.


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