Experience The Best Of Digital Commerce & Thrive In Complete Automation With Oracle NetSuite

DCKAP, a full-service digital commerce ecosystem, delivers implementation and integration services to develop result-driven eCommerce websites. We curate your webstore on leading eCommerce platforms – Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify – that align with current web standards.

Integrate your eCommerce website with Oracle NetSuite ERP via Cloras, our integration platform to bring in automated data synchronization, eliminating manual data transfer. With improved operational flexibility, reduce developer dependency and connect all your data touchpoints to ensure a frictionless customer journey.

With the expertise that stems from 15+ years of experience, DCKAP has helped 100+ B2B/B2C ventures to digitally transform their businesses along with flawless integration connecting the website with the applications in the back-end.

Give us a call at 1-877-872-3252 or via email at info@dckap.com.

Savings Calculator

Limited Time offer:

Ongoing Support plans start only on Go-Live (Rather than project initiation). For example, for a 3 months project, you save upto 25% of ongoing costs for the 1st year. Offer expires by 31 October 2021

Base Price

Package 1

(5% discount)

Bundle of startup eCommerce Package & Cloras

Package 2

(10% discount)

Bundle of startup eCommerce Package, Cloras and flexiPIM

Package 3

(15% discount)

Bundle of startup eCommerce Package, Cloras, flexiPIM & VizB

eCommerce Implementation $25,000 $23,750 $22,500 $21,250
eCommerce+Hosting Ongoing Costs $10,000 $9,500 $9,000 $8,500
Cloras Ongoing Cost $9,600 $9,120 $8,640 $8,160
flexiPIM Ongoing Costs $7,500 NA $6,750 $6,375
vizB Ongoing Costs $9,600 NA NA $8,160
1st year Costs $61,700 $42,370 $46,890 $52,445

*Above costs are just for illustration purposes. The costs might vary based on actual requirements.

Special Offers Just For NetSuite Customers

*Offer applicable on overall implementation and ongoing costs only

Choose any 2 from: eCommerce Implementation, vizB, Cloras, flexiPIM
Choose any 3 from: eCommerce Implementation, vizB, Cloras, flexiPIM
Choose all: eCommerce Implementation, vizB, Cloras, flexiPIM
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