Epicor P21 PIM Connector

Ensure error-free data with easy workflows

Sail through the data transactions between Epicor P21, PIM, and your eCommerce store with a PIM ERP integration

PIM ERP integration

Avoid missing product information on your eCommerce store with a PIM ERP integration.

Seamlessly integrate product data created in Epicor P21 with your PIM and you’ll never miss a sales opportunity due to missing product information

Avoid untracked orders and payments with a PIM ERP integration

Seamlessly integrate product data created in PIM and be sure that no data goes missing on Epicor P21 and you do not lose track of inventory details, stocks, orders or payment information.

PIM ERP integration

Why get a PIM ERP integration at all?

Saves time and money
Maintain PIM data on ERP without opening PIM
Maintain ERP data on PIM without opening ERP
Sync data both ways
Push products from PIM to ERP only once they’ve started selling
Automate regular data syncs to keep product information up to date
Send and fetch information with easy import and export protocols
Reduce product launch time
Enable multichannel and multi-language sales
Eliminate errors and data redundancy
Sales teams stay up to date with stocks and tier pricing using one interface
Manage static (marketing related) and dynamic(pricing, inventory, orders) information easily
Pave the way to business scalability with simplified data flow

Take control of your Epicor Prophet 21 experience