30. Demand Generation vs Lead Generation [with Nemanja Zivkovic]

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Marketing was simply all about bringing in leads – MQL, a couple of years ago.

But things have tremendously changed, marketing is not just about leads. It is even not even about building the pipeline or revenue generation, Marketing is something more than that.

“Building a brand.”

We launched eBiz Masterclass [by CLORAS] a bi-weekly online event for the B2B distributors and agencies. Our intention is to produce content/solutions for other B2B companies on marketing and operations.

Our guest for the first session is, Nemanja Zivkovic, Founder, and CEO of Funky Marketing, a company that creates demand generation programs for the B2B companies.

I learned a lot about setting up a demand gen team, how to improve your word of mouth marketing efforts, and more. Hope you will enjoy the conversation and will have some good takeaways from this episode.

You’ll Learn

  • [5:19] How has marketing been evolved over the past 10 years.
  • [7:50] What is Demand Generation?
  • [11:23] How to handle the inbound and ABM, is that part of the demand gen?
  • [14:28] What is SQL vs MQL?
  • [19:23] How to generate qualified inbound inquiries?
  • [25:06] How does category works for your business?
  • [28:26] Why marketing team needs to own the revenue?
  • [35:36] How to build a better word of mouth pipeline?
  • [43:55] Why video testimonial is important?
  • [47:07] What mistakes B2B companies are making on email newsletters.
  • [50:43] Building a demand gen team, where to start?
  • [55:57] What metrics should we measure while launching a podcast?

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