38. How Personalized Videos on Your Introductory Emails Increase the Sales by 20% [with Matthew Barnett]

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Videos are the future.

While sending emails after every new signup will help increase the customer engagement, do you know converting that to a personalized video will increase it by 2x?

A personalized video can be triggered for any customer relationship activities, starting from new customer onboarding to customer success, marketing, and building customer loyalty.

Our guest today is Matthew Barnett (Papa Bear), Co-Founder and CEO of Bonjoro.

Show Notes

  • [1:04] What is Bonjoro?
  • [2:18] The idea behind starting a product like this.
  • [3:30] How has the initial one year been – driving traffic and other marketing activity for a start-up?
  • [5:30] How sending a personalized video is useful for first-time communication?
  • [6:51] How it helps in B2B.
  • [7:54] How does your native Shopify integration work?
  • [8:51] Why do you think customer lifetime value is essential in B2B eCommerce?
  • [10:30] How a personalized video helps increase sales?
  • [12:44] Which team can take advantage of this?
  • [13:41] How to drive customer retention.
  • [15:18] How do you think B2B companies can get more reviews.
  • [17:08] How to drive repeat purchases.
  • [18:21] Video marketing – If you haven’t started yet, why this is the right time to begin one?

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