21. Google Spot, Machine Learning, Search Engines, Google Merchant Center - A Fireside Chat w/ Alan Kent [Part 2]

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Alan Kent is an eCommerce Developer Advocate at Google. He is been with Google for the past 2 years and his previous roles include VP of Architecture at Magento and VP of Search Engine Engineering at eBay.

This is Part 2 of the episode where I sat down with him for a Q&A. Check out our Part 1 to understand more about what Google Merchant Center is all about.

Show Notes

  • [1:04] What is your role at Google as an eCommerce developer advocate?
  • [3:19] Google Spot looks like an interesting concept, why was it launched in India? Can you elaborate?
  • [8:07] How machine learning [ML] and natural language processing [NLP] is helping improve the UX in eCommerce?
  • [14:28] Does Google penalize if we do not use the Google Merchant Center?
  • [16:07] Product feed, how does it work?
  • [17:45] Does Google recommends any extensions for the eCommerce platforms?
  • [20:35] Will Google web crawl along with the feed?
  • [24:44] Best practices to optimize the feed and improve the ranking.
  • [27:20] How has eCommerce search has improved over the past 10 years.

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