17. Text SMS Marketing Will Help You Convert 90% Of The Abandoned Carts

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With state of the art 30,000 sq.ft facility space in Frisco, Texas, ICON Meals is offering one of the finest ready-made meals (breakfast and lunch) in the USA. Unlike other meal-kit companies, one of the key advantages and specialty of ICON Meals is, it just comes with a fresh and convenient packaging that you can then simply heat and eat without worrying about the fuss of cooking.


Today’s Guest

Todd Abrams

So, I had this question of how a business owner would run a business like this but at the same time focus on other marketing activities as well.

This episode, you’re going to hear from Todd Abrams, Co-Founder, and CEO of the ICON Meals. The brand he has built from scratch after his 15 years of technology entrepreneurship experience.


You’ll Learn

  • His 20 years entrepreneurial career.
  • Why everything starts with staying fit.
  • How he is utilizing social media channels for the branding of his eCommerce business.
  • Why he thinks SMS Marketing is the biggest problem solver for your abandoned carts.

Show Notes

  • [3:05] Todd’s 20-year entrepreneurial experience and journey.
  • [14:52] Getting into the mindset of being fit.
  • [18:42] How he managed to get through the challenges in supply chain management.
  • [20:51] How ICON Meals get to 157k+ followers on Instagram?
  • [24:01] How being authentic will help you to reach your audiences.
  • [25:45] How ICON Meals is utilizing the text SMS marketing to get 90% abandoned cart conversion compared to 8-13% from the email marketing?
  • [27:50] What kind of content consumers like when you send them a text.
  • [30:38] How to properly use the customer review process to grow your brand.
  • [32:21] Why being consistent is the key to any business.

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