23. Why Your Company Needs to Focus on Building a CX Team [with Dave Fish, Ph.D.]

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Not very often you see companies investing in a customer experience team. But, more than anything else, if you’re looking for exponential growth this is where you should begin first.

But like all of you, I do have this question, where to begin and what kind of benefits will it bring in.

Our guest today is David Fish, CEO, and Founder of CuriosityCX, a consumer research and customer experience consultancy company. He has launched over 50 large scale CX programs across multiple industries.

Show Notes

  • [1:48] The journey towards doing a doctorate in applied psychology, where did it all start.
  • [3:27] Customer experience mistakes that eCommerce brands are making in 2020.
  • [6:01] Why global shipping is something your brand should focus on now.
  • [9:18] How to reduce your product returns.
  • [13:49] Do consumers really like those product surveys?
  • [17:58] Why having an internal CX team is really important?
  • [21:25] What do consumers expect when they visit your website homepage.
  • [24:22] What helps you to create a brand identity.
  • [26:25] Do chatbots really add value to a consumer when they browse your website?
  • [30:16] How to create an effective journey mapping customer experience?
  • [36:06] One advertisement that Dave liked?
  • [36:52] Customer experience efforts that Dave liked – one digital and one on non-digital.

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