Connect, automate, and manage your applications with just one platform.

See why hundreds of manufacturers & distributors automate the data flow across systems in real time.

Learn how DCKAP Integrator:
  • Helps create one source of truth across applications.
  • Enable sales teams to view holistic customer data.
  • Accurate control of inventory and faster order cycles.
  • Works in real-time via one of our 30+ ready-to-go eCommerce – ERP connectors.
  • Lets you connect & forget with automated bidirectional data transfers.
  • Offers detailed, accurate reports and forecasts with its dashboard.
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DCKAP Integrator isn't for you, if:

You’re looking for an ETL software.

DCKAP Integrator is closer in category to iPaaS, offering features similar to them or API management platforms. However, the product is built first and foremost to integrate your ERP.

You’re not a distributor.

DCKAP Integrator was built with distributors and their operational challenges in mind. So, you will see better ROI in a shorter time if you’re one.

You’re just looking for a connector.

To take the fullest advantage of DCKAP Integrator, you need to customize the product for your business. We believe every ERP and distribution business is different, and so is our integration platform.

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