CatEye America

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About CatEye America

CatEye America provides retailer direct sales, global marketing, product development, technical assistance and customer support. They continue to innovate in bicycle electronics and are committed to bicycle safety.


Business Requirements

The use of powerful and automated tools to manage the overall business workflow boasts so many benefits and companies are gradually shifting over to automation. So does a combined effort of eCommerce and email marketing platform Integration offers. Cateye collaborated with Cloras to integrate their BigCommerce system with Bronto to focus on reaching and retaining their customers.

Integration Solutions

Check out the business use cases integrated by Cloras to help Cateye become more dynamic in organizing and automating various aspects of their day-to-day business.

Customer Sync

Every time a new user is registered in the eCommerce store (BigCommerce), the user details are synced and sent to the backend.

      Data Flow: BigCommerce > Bronto

Subscriber Sync

A new contact will be created in Bronto when a user subscribes to BigCommerce forefront. This way, it is easy to track and reach customers.

    Data Flow: BigCommerce > Bronto

Benefits of BigCommerce Bronto Integrations

With a real-time data transfer of customer information, it is easy to maintain customer profiles that also help big-time in marketing their products. Also, it is convenient to mail their customers and to keep them always in the loop of the brand’s happenings. Doing all this substantially increases the chances of elevating customer relationships which thereby impacts sales.

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