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Flow Control Group

Learn more about the Indelco, CB Pacific and Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana integration projects undertaken for Flow Control Group.

WG Henschen

Learn everything about Salesforce & Distribution One Integration for WG Henschen, a leading Defense Distributor for improvement order management & to save time.

HVAC Wholesale Direct

DCKAP Integrator enabled smooth ERP integration with Victor Distributing Company's online store to streamline order, inventory management and pricing.

Atlas Commerce

The Atlas Commerce P21 Integration will empower Atlas Commerce, a trusted B2B eCommerce platform, to automate data transfer through the DCKAP integrator.

Walker Zanger

EP21 & WooCommerce integration to augment inventory management challenges for better decision-making, adding customer-specific functionality, and seamless product image integration.

Acme Paper & Supply Co.

With an extensive catalog of products, learn how Acme Paper has gained the ability to manage all of its order processing in one central location with EvolutionX and Netsuite ERP Integration.

Grand Rock

Leading exhaust products provider, GrandRock unlocks innovative customer experiences and improved agility by integrating Microsoft Navision and EvolutionX


EDM Supplier leverages a migrated eCommerce website and intuitive integrations for saved costs and improved insights


Grow Generation is the largest hydroponics supplier in the United States with 55 retail and distribution centers. Learn how they've integrated Magento Commerce and DDI Inform ERP.
regency lighting

Regency Lighting

Regency Lighting is a full-service lighting distributor in the US. Learn how they integrated Magento Commerce and Epicor Eclipse to create a single interface for multiple Magento eCommerce channels.

Premier Safety

A leader in Safety Equipment Distribution - Premier Safety, brings products to market faster with DCKAP PIM & DCKAP Integrator
about cym distributors

CyM Distributors

CYM Distributors wanted a middleman to setup bi-directional communication between Magento & MySQL to ensure that they talk to each other constantly. Learn how they automated the eCommerce data transfer.

Marysville Marine Distributors Case Study

Marysville Marine Distributors took a leap to re-platform to Magento 2 Commerce Cloud & integrate the same with Epicor P21 ERP through DCKAP Integrator. Learn how.
midland scientific_dckap

Midland Scientific

Midland Scientific, full-line distributor of laboratory products is now equipped with a completely transitioned Magento store with power-packed integrations.

C-Line Products

Being catered equally to both B2B & B2C consumers, learn how DCKAP helped C-Line Products to migrate to Magento 2 with seamless migration of 70 years old data and integrate it with Epicor P21 ERP.


Learn IDenticard's eCommerce growth story through Shopify Implementation and by connecting their SAP ERP.
spruce industries_dcka

Spruce Industries

Spruce Industries upgraded the site by implementing DCKAP Commerce and syncing it with their Epicor Prophet 21 ERP using DCKAP Integrator. Read more about these extensive integrations.

Bosch Hydraulic Connections

Learn how Bosch Hydraulic Connections, a leading hydraulic hose and fitting distributor used DCKAP product line-ups to integrate their BigCommerce store and take care of the product data information.
zuo modern_dckap

Zuo Modern

With Magento Migration and intuitive Epicor P21 integration, learn how DCKAP collaborated with Zuo Modern to advance the eCommerce curve and competition.
howard supply_dckap

Howard Supply

Howard Supply wanted their store data to be transferred to the ERP in real time for teams to work with easily. Learn the story of how they included all the integration complexities and logic while still maintaining ease of operations for the B2B customer journey.
quality farm supply_dckap

Quality Farm Supply

DCKAP helped Quality Farm with reduced manual effort, auto-sync of important business data that influence daily operations, and increased customer satisfaction with real-time data. Learn how DCKAP products helped Quality Farm to simplify its Commerce.

Jergens Industrial Supply (JIS)

Ohio’s largest distributor of industrial products, JIS migrated to BigCommerce and integrated it with their Prophet 21 ERP. Learn how DCKAP created a seamless shopping experience.


Manually transferring data is an arduous process that leads to a lack of productivity due to wasting time on unwanted redundant activities. Learn how DCKAP Integrator helped Technico to solve this problem.
moody price_dckap

Moody Price Case Study

Learn how Moody Price has opened up a gateway for the best shopping experience for its customers through Punchout2Go, Magento, and Epicor P21 integrations. Learn the eCommerce growth story.
robertson lighting_dckap

Robertson Lighting

"DCKAP built an advanced website with upgraded UI/UX techniques. The optimized features paved way for faster website performance, increased page speed and responsive workflow improvements. The development solutions that DCKAP offered helped us drive targeted traffic and digitally transform with a revenue hike of 78%." - Dale Marcus, CFO
salter labs_dckap

Salter Labs

"Thanks for a very successful website launch. You and the entire DCKAP team did a marvelous job. We have received positive feedback regarding the ease of navigation, simple style, and plethora of good information contained in the site." - Angie Perkins, CFO.

Coronado DC

DCKAP PIM identifies the product edits made within P21 and adapts it to the BigCommerce format for publishing, without manual intervention, also showing exceptions in data quality upfront making the process error-free and time-saving. Learn how Coronado DC built better governance for their product content.


Learn how, Tradelco, a major electrical and industrial automation products distributor benefits from streamlined smoother data transactions between Epicor P21, Magento, and DDS through DCKAP PIM.

C. W. Hayden Co.

Learn how C.W. Hayden eliminates the manual work done on the Mirakl system and reduces bottlenecks in the order-to-cash workstream, and reduces time delays in the fulfillment, delivery, and invoicing process by connecting 3M Marketplace with their current ERP, P21.
JENDCO Safety Supply

Jendco Safety Supply

Selling on Mirakl elevates the chances of increasing revenue due to the huge influx of website visitors. However, Jendco Safety wanted to bridge the data which includes all the offers information, inventory, and orders to maintain a single source of information across both channels. Learn how DCKAP Integrator helped them to connect Mirakl with BigCommerce.

Star Sales

DCKAP Integrator connectors automated all areas of the business from control over their data integrations to business process planning and further analysis of the results. This helps the team at Starsales to send information between departments much easier and more accurately.

Xcel Source

Xcel Source wanted to connect the data to and fro their ERP and eCommerce so the employees don’t have to spend time searching for data, or using the same data to make informed decisions, and negotiate meaningful transactions. Learn how DCKAP Integrator helped them to solve it.


Empowered with the latest and consistent information, the team at Dynatronics can now leverage the power of data for decision making, solve customer queries quickly, and improve sales by connecting their Magento & Infor application through DCKAP Integrator.

Champion Products

Learn how DCKAP Integrator helped Champion Products to manage sales orders, leads, contacts, and marketing campaigns in a streamlined system, by connecting their Magento with Prophet 21 ERP.

Steel and Pipes

Steel and Pipes experienced some hiccups with data assessment and filing. Another challenge was the listing product hierarchy from P21 to the Shopify hosted eCommerce store. DCKAP Integrator helped them solve everything by connecting Shopify and P21 ERP.

Sunrise Electric Supply

An uber-fast API was built by the team at DCKAP Integrator that fetched the data from ERP and updated it to the team and customers at the eCommerce storefront. Plus, the real-time data provides more visibility into the existing stock levels and also helps Sunrise Electric Supply take key business decisions without any friction in the process.


Maintex wanted to upgrade its digital journey to be on pace with the ever-changing technologies and customer demands. Deciding to choose BigCommerce as their eCommerce storefront, they were also looking for a sleek middleware that would streamline their products’ prices & update everything in real-time. Learn how DCKAP Integrator helped them connect BigCommerce with Infor SX.

The Chas. E. Phipps

“I was testing the interface a couple of minutes ago and you guys did a great job on DCKAP Integrator. It was super easy for me to map that Order Type field on the Magento Order integration.” - Rodrigo Neves, Technology Officer.

Planet Beach

The automation of data points integrated by DCKAP Integrator removes much of the potential for human error, saves money, and makes data processing scalable. Planet Beach now has an automated data sync of Inventory and Invoice Details which otherwise were done manually.

Factory Reproductions

With complete auto-data transfer between Factory Reproductions’ WooCommerce and Acumatica ERP, DCKAP Integrator helped the company to accomplish more in the times to come. The orders are now synced immediately, the inventory was set to sync once every hour and now with Tracking Number sync also in place, employees will not have to spend too much time searching.

MicroDAQ Case Study

MicroDAQ wanted to integrate their Magento with Distribution One, so all the details are auto-synced, including the sales that happen in Amazon Marketplace so that all teams are aware of the inventory, orders, and more. Explore how DCKAP Integrator streamlined MicroDAQ’s Business Operations to increase efficiency.

Pace International

Pace International had its eCommerce platform hosted on BigCommerce and was using P21 to manage its backend operations. They approached DCKAP Integrator to fix their data barriers which existed on saving and sending customer data and pricing issues and to provide a seamless passage of data between the two critical systems that are key to the effective running of the business.


The rise in orders was not an issue once the integration was done as DCKAP Integrator derived a formula for easy buying and custom optimization. Also, when there is no or low stock, an auto-alert has been set to notify the handlers. Learn how DCKAP Integrator gave Vitabox complete visibility and control over their inventory levels so they always were updated on the time to replenish.


E-Z UP went one step ahead of the usual ERP eCommerce Integration by integrating all four platforms: Magento, Microsoft NAV, Salesforce, and DotDigital to accelerate the way they work. This also enhances the marketing efforts and helps big time in reaching prospects sooner with real-time data and never to be missed offers. Learn how DCKAP Integrator helped them do this.

Santoro London

With robust integration directly syncing data of BigCommerce and SAP Business One, Santoro London now is in an advantageous position to streamline operations and sell effectively. Learn how DCKAP Integrator now helps them to make informed decisions.


Now that the data orchestration between HubSpot and P21 is automated, Hi-Tech Fasteners will no longer have to worry about manual data entry that would take hordes of their employees’ time. This integration, by keeping all data in one stronghold, gathers all the information to learn more about their customers. Learn how DCKAP Integrator helped them craft compelling customer experiences.

Cathy’s Concepts

“The team at DCKAP Integrator is simply the best. We are very pleased with their attention to detail, availability and most importantly, their knowledge and expertise to deliver on time and according to requirements. We have complex requirements with our personalization and appreciate the data flow they created between our two platforms.” - Jessi Smithson, Project Manager.

Kay Lighting

Kay Lighting wanted to meet the demands of the customers – fulfillment capabilities, inventory visibility, data synchronization, and better convenience, to both buyers and sellers for data accuracy and making informed decisions with actionable insights at their fingertips. Learn how DCKAP Integrator helped them connect Magento with Prophet 21 ERP.

Aliquantum International

DCKAP Integrator helped Aliquantum International (AQI) with the data flows between Inventory, Orders, and Pricing, so there is seamless synchronization between all the touchpoints integrated and involved. AQI was able to encompass people and processes with DCKAP Integrator helping them to eliminate manual data entry and thereby save lots of time and employee efforts.

LB Water

All the data transfers and business processes are now automated between BigCommerce and Prophet 21 by DCKAP Integrator. Learn how LB Water created a clutter-free backend operation.

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