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A New Way to Manage eCommerce

Take your digital storefront to the next level by integrating BigCommerce into every other vital system with DCKAP Integrator. Unlock unique insights, unify data and thrive

Stress-Free BigCommerce Integration

DCKAP makes BigCommerce Integration simple. We’ll take care of the legwork, so you can focus on what matters most to your business.

See How JIS Migrated From a Custom Storefront to BigCommerce

Jergens Industrial Supply struggled to maintain its custom ecommerce site. DCKAP helped the company migrate to BigCommerce, a more straightforward, robust platform, and integrate systems with Epicor P21.

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See How DCKAP Helped Saffron Splash Migrate Away from Amazon

Production house Saffron Splash wanted to host digital assets and payment on their site. After recommending BigCommerce, DCKAP helped refine the storefront to meet Saffron Splash’s unique objectives.

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BigCommerce Design and Development

Ensure your business has the foundation to provide an unforgettable digital shopping experience.


The first step to your integration is discovery. At DCKAP, we’ll dive into your technology to identify what your business needs for a successful BigCommerce integration.

BigCommerce Development

We’ll work together to build the BigCommerce storefront of your dreams. With the right combination of features, you can manage your selling and buying processes with more agility and efficiency.

BigCommerce Management

Host all your online stores in a central location on the BigCommerce server. We will collaborate with our partners Nexcess and Amazon Web Services to ensure you have the functionality your business needs for more complex hosting requirements.

BigCommerce Audit

Attain greater efficiency, security, ROI and visibility with a BigCommerce audit.

Explore how BigCommerce can help your online business grow.

Performance Audit

Our team will audit your server response time, cookie usage, image quality, DOM element size, 404 pages and HTTP requests to correct errors and enhance performance.

BigCommerce Security Audit

If you aren’t satisfied with your Shopify store’s performance, migrate to Adobe Commerce and unlock a broader range of powerful extensions and built-in features.

BigCommerce Progressive Web Apps

Meet increased demand and keep your mobile browsing options up-to-date by integrating your native app experience with BigCommerce progressive web apps.

BigCommerce Integration Services

Integrate your online store with your ERP and CRM solutions to enhance workflow efficiency. Save time by integrating BigCommerce with one of the following options, or request a custom third-party integration.

  • Epicor ERP
  • SAP Business One
  • Distribution One
  • SAP p1
  • Oracle ERP
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Netsuite
  • DDI Inform
  • Sage Business Cloud
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Oracle NetSuite
  • Salesforce
  • HubSpot

BigCommerce Migration Services

As a leading SaaS eCommerce platform, BigCommerce specializes in helping businesses increase traffic and boost profits. If you aren’t getting the results your business needs with your current ecommerce solution, a BigCommerce migration may be the best option.

Adobe Commerce to BigCommerce Migration

BigCommerce offers intuitive, sales-oriented workflows and processes. If Adobe Commerce isn’t providing the results you need, ask our team of experts how you can migrate to BigCommerce.

Shopify to BigCommerce Migration

Enjoy unlimited staff accounts, bandwidth and file storage when you migrate from Shopify to BigCommerce. DCKAP’s expert team can help you find the best platform for your unique business needs.

BigCommerce QA Services

Our BigCommerce QA testing ensures a seamless user experience and unmatched quality across all devices and platforms.

End-to-End Application Testing

We conduct extensive testing to ensure your hosted portal is working smoothly. With DCKAP’s unique process, our team can easily detect and eliminate bugs to enhance your UI and UX and save your business time and money.

Accessibility Testing

Our development team works hard to ensure our clients’ websites meet ADA standards and are easily navigatable for people with disabilities.

Cross Browser Testing

Your customers interact with your brand through a variety of browsers. To ensure customers have a seamless experience, our team will ensure your storefront is consistent across Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari and others.

Regression Testing

We will run tests to identify and fix any glitches that may be affecting the core functionality of your hosted website and applications.

Compatibility Testing

Our team will carefully evaluate your BigCommerce’s compatibility performance to ensure your website and applications are working correctly in all environments, including mobile devices, hardware and operating systems.

BigCommerce Support and Maintenance Services

Enhance your BigCommerce experience with maintenance, performance optimization and expert SEO advice.


Our BigCommerce performance optimization services boost conversion rates with JS and CSS compression and optimization, image compression and page speed enhancements.

UI Optimization

Our team will enhance your UI by updating buttons and integrating navigation and help options. With UI optimization, your customers will have what they need for a smooth on-page experience.

SEO Services

When you integrate BigCommerce with DCKAP, we will perform an initial SEO set-up, including on-page content optimization, to ensure your website ranks on Google and has increased visibility from launch.

New Features

As BigCommerce developers, we ensure your website is always up-to-date with new and innovative functions from BigCommerce. We will also help you choose the best features for your business to ensure you have the tools to succeed.

Theme Design

Offer customers an eye-catching user experience. We can help you find the best framework to cater to your customers’ aesthetic tastes and market requirements with thousands of different themes.

BigCommerce Third-Party Apps

BigCommerce offers more than 700 third-party applications through its platform. Our team can help you choose the best option for your business or design a custom integration for outside options.

BigCommerce Payment Services

BigCommerce comes with an extensive list of approved payment gateways. We will help you choose an ideal payment option to meet your needs from options including Amazon Pay, PayPal and others.


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