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In today’s fast track world, a customer does not wait more than even 3 seconds for a website to load. Keeping this in mind, your website performance and speed are actually one of the first stepping stones to get customer traction.

It is one thing to just see content and totally another to shop on a store that is slow. If the loading speed goes up to 5 seconds from 1 second also, your customers can move away to a better-optimized site to buy what they want.

As a BigCommerce partner agency, we ensure that your store is built with the best features to help garner the credibility your brand deserves. We also pay special emphasis to optimization during our performance audits to fix even the smallest of glitches.

With a BigCommerce performance audit, we offer you an analysis of hindrances and solutions to ensure that your business keeps thriving, without any compromise on potential customer conversions.

Why Is BigCommerce Performance Audit Needed?

  • Gives your user the experience you want them to have
  • Increases the speed by fixing the possible glitches
  • Avoids your page from falling in Google due to slow speed
  • Increases the visibility to potential users

What Will You Get After Our BigCommerce Performance Audit?

  • Fill (Ideal file size)
  • Fill (Page load time)
  • Fill ( Content performance)

BigCommerce Security Audit

BigCommerce web services are known for providing the security and safety that an eCommerce merchant absolutely needs. With so many transactions done on an hourly basis, the last thing you would need is being threatened by malicious online activity.

As a SaaS platform, BigCommerce offers great security measures for its clients. Even so, DCKAP’s BigCommerce Security Audit can help you take this a step further.

Our team of experts would recommend the third party tools which would surely make your web-hosting safer and more secure. Afterall, your customers rely on you and in turn, you can rely on us!

BigCommerce SEO Audit

Since web space has flourished so much, there are many competitors eyeing the top position for the same product or service. What makes your brand stand out? The USP of your brand can only be known after it reaches the right audience.

In order to get your brand to rank high, you need to know about your online presence and visibility in detail. In case, your website keeps going down from the result page of your search engine, then the outcome is going to be low traffic and may even avoid getting any conversions for you. To that effect, we recommend a thorough audit to each of our clients followed by our BigCommerce SEO services.

Did you know that it is actually the first five organic results for a search that drive about 67.60% of all the clicks conducted? Nearly, 50% of your consumers have a probability of clicking on a search result in case your brand appears multiple times on the search engine results page?

Keeping all this in mind, there is no denying that brands that rank on top of Google search will always have the leverage from customers. With BigCommerce SEO services, our team will help you navigate the in-built tools and features that would increase visibility for your website?

Why Is BigCommerce SEO Needed?

  • It helps you rank higher in a search result
  • Helps you understand content placement better
  • Strategy with proper keyword integration

BigCommerce Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Potential, Progress and Proficiency- a melange of all curated in one technology.

As an eCommerce merchant, you only stand to benefit from a PWA. It offers an enhanced user experience and higher page speeds. When it comes to mobile pages, increased load time can increase the bounce rate by nearly 90%. What a PWA does is give your customers the chance to complete the process swiftly and efficiently too.

For a merchant, these apps work because a native app offers quite an immersive experience while the accessibility and reachability of a PWA serve as a profitable combination. You do not need to go for a complete PWA. At DCKAP, we recommend the features of different PWAs based on the needs of our clients. So, for example; we can integrate push notifications or ‘add to homescreen’ initially to get started. For specific requirements, however, we do make Progressive Web Apps which are extremely beneficial.

It is a delight to work with PWAs when it comes to BigCommerce. DEITY Falcon for one has built an open-source to give a launch platform for highly engaging PWA storefronts.

In partnership with DEITY Falcon, BigCommerce gives a chance to all storefronts to integrate a PWA. The backend is managed by BigCommerce but the front end is handled by DEITY Falcon making this combination a lot more accessible to eCommerce merchants across the globe.Depending on what suits your needs the most, we provide your business with an ideal PWA solution which is highly scalable and offers amazing web experiences to your users.

Benefits Of PWAs On BigCommerce Stores

  • Connectivity Independent
  • A chance to re-engage with visitors
  • Easily installable and linkable
  • Always updated and always secure
  • Offline Access
  • Built with progressive enhancement

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