Magento Commerce Services
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DCKAP Brings Your Vision To Life By Building Online Stores With Advanced Features That Convert Visitors Into Customers.


Explore and experience the power-packed Magento Commerce Cloud platform with enhanced features developed by our Magento Developers. Our experts design your Magento Storefronts with innovation that drives quality and scale-up revenue.

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Magento Design And Development


Magento Development Services

DCKAP offers Magento eCommerce Development Services and build storefronts that don’t just help you make profits but helps to exceed your customers’ shopping experiences.

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Discovery And Design

And here is where it all starts! We get in touch to understand the nature of your business and the industry before we present the perfect Magento eCommerce services your business demands.

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Magento Hosting

All online stores and our Magento Web Services are hosted securely with DCKAP’s Tech Partner – Nexcess, 18 years hosting experience of over 45,000+ websites with an 99.99% uptime.

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Magento Migration Services

Not getting enough sales? Is your site running slow? Or need a new look over to your store? Maybe migration is what you need

Still on Magento 1? Migrate your online storefront to the latest version of Magento 2 and enhance your business operations with its improved B2B features.

Shopify To Magento

Limitless possibilities through extensions and packed with powerful in-built features make Magento a choice to opt for if you are not satisfied with your current online store on Shopify.

BigCommerce To Magento

Magento is a comprehensive eCommerce solution that gives you complete freedom to design a remarkable storefront with features like drag and drop visual editing in M2.


vitalibas DCKAP client logo

“Strategically, we set out to have the most robust technology platform in the rapidly growing hemp industry. Our technology is a major differentiator, enabling us to scale quickly, safely and efficiently. When evaluating business partners and solutions, DCKAP and Magento were a perfect fit.”

Steve Raack

CEO, Vitalibis

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riddell DCKAP client logo

“We had been working with a handful of different vendors, and at the time we realized that DCKAP was way above the rest from in terms of communication and technical expertise. We knew that they were working for us and had our best interests in mind. One thing that I really appreciate from DCKAP was their ability to communicate. Their communication skills were above and beyond what I have experienced with vendors. The relationship was such a great fit that we brought on DCKAP employees in-house to work with us directly.”

Dan Schuessler

Digital Project Manager, Riddell

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Bottlestore DCKAP client logo

DCKAP has been instrumental in streamlining the development process and continued maintenance for our Magento site. Their attention to detail, response time and expertise have been invaluable in getting our site up to speed and improving conversion. We have been continually impressed by the quality of work and tight turn around times DCKAP and Mohan Natarajan are able to deliver on, and we look forward to our continuing our work together.”

Jessie Kressen

Creative Services Manager, Bottle Store- O.Berk Company

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moody price DCKAP client logo

DCKAP provided unparalleled service and support from our very first meeting through website launch. If a highly personalized Magento website with unique function is what you desire I would look no further than DCKAP.

Kendall Director of Information Technology, Moody Price
Alec Digital Marketing Manager, Moody Price

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midland DCKAP client logo

I was testing the interface a couple minutes ago and you guys did a great job on Cloras. It was super easy for me to map that Order Type field on the Magento Order integration.

Rodrigo Neves

Technology Officer, Midland Scientific, Inc.

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Magento Upgrade Service

Our Magento Web Development services and solution specialists at DCKAP will audit your site for free (if you are considering an upgrade) and suggest what Magento upgrade suits the best for your brand – based on the size of your company, SKUs, extensions integrated, custom coding in place, and many other factors.

Considering and evaluating all these factors, DCKAP will present you a solution to enhance your brand growth with our Magento 2 Development services

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Supporting brands with our Magento Website Maintenance, Magento Security Patches, Magento SEO Support, and more.


Magento Security And Upgrade Services

Upgrade your Magento store to optimize performance and bid adieu to any operational glitches. With the security services, be assured of all the security patches for your eCommerce website.


Magento Performance Optimization Service

Increase process up to 39% more order per hour by having a fully optimized site. Enabling flat categories, merging CSS and JS files, efficient CDN, caching, image optimization and more – we cover it all.


Magento User Interface Optimization Services

Let your website speak and make sales. That’s how technically strong and appealing an online store should be. Make the UI changes and increase conversions with DCKAP’s Magento Optimization Service.


Magento SEO Services And Magento Support Services

Running an online store is always a work in progress. But when you do so, DCKAP ensures all your pages are SEO friendly to uplift your website’s standards.


Magento Cart And Checkout Optimization

8 of 10 your site visitors don’t buy! Optimize checkout process eliminating the distractions and create low effort experiences so shoppers can find and buy what they need.


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Magento Integration Services

Reduce manual workflow, save time, and increase efficiency by integrating your online store with ERP and CRM.

eCommerce ERP Integration

eCommerce CRM Integration

Magento Extensions

All the necessary and premium extensions you need to add more value to your online store, now found in one place. Explore the Magento extensions we’ve got to solve your business problems.

Magento QA Services

Our Magento QA Testing ensures a consistent quality of your online store across multi-channels and devices.


End-To-End Application Testing

A complete software test to ensure the application flow is as expected. This helps to know the user experience, detect bugs, reduce time to market, and the correctness of the application.

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Accessibility Testing

Expand your growth! Provide and maintain websites that people with disabilities can access. Our development team will ensure your site achieves ADA standards.

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Cross Browser Testing

We help you deliver an online experience that is consistently delightful across a multitude of popular and most-sought after browsers (i.e.) Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, and more.

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Explore All Testing Services

Magento Payment Services

A study says, 73% of shoppers said that the type of payment an online store accepts plays a prominent role whether they will buy from that store or not.

Whether integration with existing payment gateways or custom building one exclusively to cater your requirements – we excel in both by offering a payment gateway which is secure plus provides easy and fast checkout experience.

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Magento Payment Gateway Integration

Integrate with top online payment gateways and offer a streamlined and fast checkout experience for your online shoppers.


Payment Gateway Solution

Not sure about what payment processor to integrate? Why not build one just for yourself? DCKAP makes it possible – custom payment solution.


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