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Build a More Diverse Shopping Experience With Magento

Give your customers the digital shopping experience they deserve. Enhance every element of your Magento (now Adobe Commerce) platform with DCKAP, the No. 1 distributor integration solution.

Effortless Magento (now Adobe Commerce) Integration and Migration

Bring your ecommerce vision to life by migrating to Magento (now Adobe Commerce) and integrating it with your ERP, CRM and third-party applications with DCKAP.

See How Marysville Marine Distributors Enhanced Their Online Customer Experience

Marysville Marine Distributors wanted to make online shopping easy for their B2C and B2B customers, so they turned to DCKAP to enhance their UI, shopping, payment, search and log-in options.

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Integrate Front- and Back-End Systems

Learn How SRS Distribution Inc. Achieves System Quality and Functionality

After the launch of their mobile app, DCKAP helped SRS Distribution Inc. sync mobile and desktop data and unify front- and back-end operations.

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Magento (now Adobe Commerce) Design and Development

Experience the power-packed Magento (now Adobe Commerce) Cloud platform with streamlined features developed by DCKAP’s expert developers. Our team helps businesses design innovative Magento storefronts to drive quality and scale revenue.

Magento (now Adobe Commerce) Development Services

DCKAP provides hands-free Magento (now Adobe Commerce) Development Services to build storefronts that don’t just help you make profits but enable you to exceed customers’ shopping expectations.

Discovery and Design

This is where it all begins. We will help you identify your unique business and technology requirements before proceeding to ensure we recommend the perfect services for your needs.

Magento (now Adobe Commerce) Hosting

Your online stores and Magento (now Adobe Commerce) web services will be hosted securely with the help of DCKAP’s technology partner, Nexcess. Over the past two decades, Nexcess has hosted over 45,000 websites with nearly 100% uptime.

Magento (now Adobe Commerce) Migration Services

Are you not getting enough sales? Is your site running slow? Or do you need a new look? A Magento (now Adobe Commerce) migration may be just what you need to improve your ecommerce performance.

Magento 1 to Magento 2

Migrating your online storefront to the latest version of Magento (now Adobe Commerce) will enable you to utilize a variety of improved B2B features and enhance your business operations.

Shopify to Magento (now Adobe Commerce)

If you aren’t satisfied with your Shopify store’s performance, migrate to Magento (now Adobe Commerce) and unlock a broader range of powerful extensions and built-in features.

BigCommerce to Magento (now Adobe Commerce):

With features like drag-and-drop visual editing and storefront customization, Magento (now Adobe Commerce) is a leading choice for distributors looking to migrate away from BigCommerce.

Magento (now Adobe Commerce) Upgrade Service

If you are considering an upgrade, DCKAP’s Magento (now Adobe Commerce) web development and solution specialists will audit your site for free and suggest which Magento (Adobe Commerce) upgrade best suits your brand’s unique requirements.

After examining your company’s size, SKUs, integrated extensions, custom coding and other factors, we will present a solution that will enhance your brand and promote growth well into the future.

Magento (now Adobe Commerce) Support and Maintenance

DCKAP supports customers with comprehensive Adobe Commerce website maintenance, security patches, SEO support and more.

Magento (now Adobe Commerce) Security and Upgrade Services

Upgrade your Magento (now Adobe Commerce) store to optimize performance and eliminate operational glitches. With DCKAP’s inclusive security services, you can rest assured your data is always up to date and secure.

Magento (now Adobe Commerce) Performance Optimization Service

Improve processes by up to 39% or more per hour with a fully optimized site. With DCKAP, you can enable flat categories, merge CSS and JS files, improve CDN efficiency, optimize digital assets and more.

Magento (now Adobe Commerce) User Interface Optimization

Let your website do the legwork for you. Build a more engaging shopping experience and increase conversions with DCKAP’s Adobe Commerce optimization services.

Magento (now Adobe Commerce) SEO and Support Services

Keeping your online store’s SEO up to date is always a work in progress. When you work with DCKAP, our expert team will help your site rank by ensuring ecommerce pages are SEO friendly.

Magento (now Adobe Commerce) Cart and Checkout Optimization

Statistically, 8 out of every 10 site visitors leave without making a purchase. Reduce cart abandonment and improve conversion rates by making it easier for shoppers to find and buy what they need.

Magento (now Adobe Commerce) Integration Services

Reduce manual workflows, save time and increase efficiency by integrating your online store with ERP and CRM.

  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Oracle
  • Sage Business Cloud
  • DDI System
  • Distribution One
  • Epicor P21
  • SAP Business One
  • NetSuite
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Oracle NetSuite
  • Salesforce
  • HubSpot

Magento (now Adobe Commerce) Extensions

Access the premium extensions you need in one place. Explore all of DCKAP’s Magento (now Adobe Commerce) extensions and find the perfect application to solve your business concerns.

Magento (now Adobe Commerce) QA Services

Our Magento (now Adobe Commerce) QA testing ensures site consistency across all channels and devices.

End-To-End Application Testing

Our team will perform a complete software test to ensure your applications are working as expected. This process enables businesses to detect and correct bugs, better understand the user experience, reduce time to market and ensure accuracy across platforms.

Accessibility Testing

Develop a site that is easily accessible to customers with disabilities. Our development team will work closely with you to ensure your site meets all ADA standards and requirements.

Cross Browser Testing

Ensure customers can interact with your brand across various popular web browsers, including Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox and others.

Magento (now Adobe Commerce) Payment Services

Studies show that 73% of shoppers consider an online store’s payment option a critical factor in determining whether they will buy from that store or not.

DCKAP can help you integrate existing payment gateways or build custom options to meet your buyers’ expectations. Offer customers a fast, easy and secure checkout experience.

Magento (now Adobe Commerce) Payment Gateway Integration

Integrate top online payment gateways with your ecommerce store to provide online shoppers with a quick, streamlined checkout experience.

Custom Payment Gateway Solution

Not sure which payment processor to integrate? Why not build one for yourself? DCKAP makes custom payment solutions a reality.


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