The podcast with practical insights and eCommerce lessons for your online business growth.


About the Show

Pulling from over a decade of experience in the digital commerce industry, we will bring you conversations with industry experts to talk about their process, and lessons learned in creating an impact on the online business and leaving their imprints on the global scale.

On the show, you will learn technology, sales, marketing, leadership, and everything else you need to know to grow your online business.


DCKAP well known by its ecommerce product suites is a digital commerce agency that offers solutions for B2B and B2C online business owners.

Hosted by: Shiva Kumaar

Shiva leads the strategy for DCKAP’s digital product suites. DCKAP is always known for its community activities and this podcast is going to help us get to the mission, one step further. Running an online store has never been an easy job and we always have new questions & problems every now and then. Each week we sit down with business owners and industry experts to uncover their stories and processes, so we all can learn from them.

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