Make your systems talk
to each other.

DCKAP Integrator connects your ERP with eCommerce, CRM, inventory, accounting, logistics,
marketplaces, and other applications, automating your data flow—so you have
increased profitability and low effort customer experience.

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ERP Integration Platform for Manufacturers & Distributors

Create a connected B2B experience.
For your employees & your customers.

Give customers more freedom

Give customers what they're looking for.

Let customers see real-time inventory and pricing. And allow them to manage their accounts, orders, and tracking all by themselves.


Keep control of inventory.

Keep inventory levels accurate across all systems in real-time to prevent overselling and underselling. And prevent customer disappointment.

Ramp up sales

Ramp up sales and marketing.

Optimize your marketing campaigns and sales funnels by offering smart recommendations and upsells. And proactively meet customers’ needs.

Real time data

Get access to real-time data.

With all your data in a centralized hub, you can find what you need in seconds. Cutting down on unforced mistakes and customer service wait times.

Expedite order cycles

Speed up order fulfillment.

Automate order fulfillment by expediting data from eCommerce to ERP, and Shipping. Improved visibility now offers fewer shipping errors and reliable delivery times.

Slash time to market

Update product info with ease.

Help customers see up-to-date and enriched product data information by automating product-related assets and pricing on your online storefront.

Take a look at how it works.

Why DCKAP Integrator?

It’s surprisingly simple.

Connect your systems in a few clicks with our out-of-the-box pipelines. Or let our team customize integrations for you for any system that has an API.

Easily manage exceptions, make changes, and view detailed analytics and forecasts.

Simple to use
API_Surprisingly powerful

Surprisingly powerful.

Set it, test it, and forget it. DCKAP hums reliably in the background, no maintenance needed.

Automated, bi-directional transfers work in real-time, or at preset intervals. And there’s no limit to the amount of data you can sync.

And no learning curve
for non-programmers.

You don’t need to be a tech expert to use DCKAP. Your dashboard is laid out simply and is easy to navigate. And our team will show you how to master it during onboarding.

Reporting is intuitive and useful, and if there’s a rare error, like a field that didn’t sync, you’ll also get an email notification from us in real-time. So you’re always on top of what’s happening. And can prevent issues with your team and with customers.

No learning curve

Operational leaders at top manufacturing & distribution companies use DCKAP.



Unlock your competitive advantage.
Connect your business systems today.

Automate your manual work by integrating all your systems in one place, creating a unified view of data across your manufacturing and distribution business operations.