ERP Integration Platform For Distributors

DCKAP Integrator connects your distribution ERP with eCommerce, CRM, Shipping, Inventory and other applications. Create an integrated experience for your employees and customers.

DCKAP Integrator

Integrate and Automate Your Applications

Stop jumping back and forth between systems. Connect, automate, and sync data between your ERP, eCommerce, CRM, 3PL, and more. DCKAP Integrator supports popular distributor ERPs such as Epicor Prophet 21, Oracle Netsuite, DDI Inform, Infor, Distribution One, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Sage & many more. Maximize efficiency & profitability by delivering a consistent customer experience across all your channels.


Optimize sales channels, create workflow automation, improved productivity, and better employee & customer experience – all by integrating your ERP.

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Access your products, orders, shipping, invoices, inventory, and customers in one place and create a better online experience through eCommerce integration.

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Gain customer insights, increase your operations team’s productivity, and boost customer engagement by connecting your CRM with other applications.

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Make smarter business decisions through increased accuracy, and centralized access to real-time data – by connecting your data across business systems.

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We Build Simple & Easy to Use Integrations

Eliminate data silos

Access and ingest quality, consistent and standardized data, no matter where your data resides.

Bidirectional data transfers

Sync data across all your systems with automatic bidirectional data transfers enabled by DCKAP Integrator to streamline your operations, improve efficiency, and gain real-time insights.

Shopify Sage Integration: Automate and Accelerate Business Processes

Single source of truth for all sales data

Eliminate data silos and achieve a single source of truth for all customer insights in your company.

Scalable Architecture

Work with a solution that can grow with your business. With DCKAP Integrator, you can integrate new systems and technologies as your business evolves.

HubSpot Sage Integration

Rene Escamilla

Director of Ecommerce, Aliquantum International

One of the main problems that has been solved is customer data and inventory levels in real time and in return allowing us to grow our business at a fast pace. DCKAP’s customer service and attention to updating our connections is unmatchable. With website integrations constantly changing DCKAP is quick on their feet. The team will always find a solution promptly.

Real people.

Real life results.

Rodrigo Neves

Director of IT, Midland Scientific

“We can monitor all parts of our integration and have the flexibility to change the integration with just a few clicks. Also, we now have the possibility to integrate DCKAP Integrator with our own API, and that is giving us the flexibility to create new modules on our eCommerce platform without having to rely on a third party developer to create the integration for us. You will have control over the entire process, have visibility over transactions, and the ability to change.”

DCKAP Integrator_Momentum leader

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