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Boost Your Business With A Comprehensive
Range Of Shopify Integration Services

We provide the experience and resources of a dedicated Shopify team without the in-house overhead.

An online store is always a work in progress. An online store needs continuous maintenance and upgrades. The scorching pace at which technology, business, and customer behavior are changing calls for constant, ongoing changes in your store too. Is your Shopify store keeping up with these changes?

DCKAP's Shopify services is tailored to reinforce your online store and also to make continuous business-driven improvements. Beyond routine bug fixes, a dedicated team of Shopify and eCommerce experts work constantly to drive continuous innovation to your E-commerce store.

Experience the benefits of a robust, experienced team of Shopify resources, but without the high overhead of building the team in-house.

Our Value Add:
  • Experienced Shopify engineers
  • Highly scalable and flexible resourcing
  • Increased transparency and visibility
  • Lowered Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Follow the sun model — faster project completion
  • Minimize investment cost
  • Faster response to changing client requirements
  • Allows the customer to focus on their core competencies
Shopify Plus Services:



Image optimization plays a crucial role in building a successful online store. Our experience has taught us that minifying images makes your site faster and improves conversions rates.


We help you achieve top-notch performance by enhancing the speed, look, and feel, thereby making the whole e-shopping experience - exciting and enjoyable.


By employing the best practices of search engine optimization for your Shopify store, our SEO experts can ensure that your traffic and business is at par with the competition.


The easiest and the most common way to sell online is through third-party marketplaces. We can help you integrate with third party marketplaces such as Amazon,eBay,etsy etc.


Our Shopify integration experts can help you in seamless integration of QuickBooks, SalesForce, MailChimp, DropShip and other business applications.


Adding apps to your store helps enhance your website, in ways that are unique and important to your business. We build Shopify Apps right from the scratch per your requirements




Abbott Lyon is a contemporary fashion brand with an elegant product portfolio of watches and jewelry. Within a short span of 3 years, Abbott Lyon created a loyal fan base, with their eye-catching products. Abbott Lyon uses Productimize on their Shopify Product pages, to delight their customers with a unique set of customized products.

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Fast Order Shopify App

eCommerce platforms are expected to offer full support for purchase orders, including quick re-orders for wholesale customers to help drive repeat business. Customers always look out for ways to order without spending much of their time. Fast Order is one such Shopify app which makes it faster for your store visitors to order products quickly with great user experience.

Customers can search by SKUs and add single or multiple products to the cart. This allows the buyers to complete entire purchases in a couple of clicks.

Fast Order extension comprises of several essential features enhancing the online shopping experience for both B2C and B2B customers.

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