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A New Brand Identity For DCKAP Products: Creating A Unified Experience For B2B Distributors

Vibha N
February 28, 2022 |
DCKAP Brand new identity product line up

Very few things tend to stay the same when evolving from a team of two to one over 150 people strong. In our case, one aspect that certainly has is a refusal to stay comfortable and to keep experimenting.

That spirit has manifested in many ways through the past one-and-a-half decades: in people, in trials and errors, and in our commitment to solving challenges our clients face.

2017 saw the debut of our now beloved Greater One-Horned Rhino mascot, and along with it, the first among our product offerings. Two products spearheaded our journey to help our clients improve the profitability of their businesses, via smart automation of eCommerce business processes. 

DCKAP 2012 Rhino Identity

Today, DCKAP has over five active products that saves hours of time and effort for their users, some even beyond our niche of industrial distributors. These solutions have evolved through some remarkable ownership displayed by the people that worked on them, ensuring improvements, based on industry trends and user feedback. We also have new product projects underway which push the boundaries of anything we have previously attempted in this arena. 

Like I said, we don’t like getting comfortable.  

Up until last year, these products existed as individual entities in their own right. You might have heard of CLORAS, our ERP Integration solution, or DCKAP PIM: DCKAP’s answer to product information management woes, or even QA Touch, our test management platform. Putting it all together, this is the kind of picture that these brands painted:

DCKAP Products Pre 2022 Identities
DCKAP and its products: Pre-2022

This individual solution approach came from a genuine wish for the solutions to stand on their own and to independently cater those who needed them most. All, while also offering our services team easy access to solutions to common problems faced by clients.

These solutions had their own presence in the outside world. But within DCKAP, we have always worked together as one ever-growing community of readers, innovators, and leaders.

The eCommerce sector continues to advance at break-neck speeds, and along with it, the challenges industrial distributors face while bringing their store online. As members of our Community continue to challenge themselves and innovate to stay one step ahead, it was time for the brand to reflect this shared camaraderie and values. Most crucially, it needed to reflect the consolidated front we put between businesses and the challenges that risk putting a dent in their eCommerce growth. 

The New Brand Identity For DCKAP Products

DCKAP has now evolved to a stage where it acts as a single source for solutions that cater to a wide gamut of these hurdles. Our brand and the new look for DCKAP products now reflect this united approach, leading with the products to come from it: 

This does mean a shift in how we refer to our products, moving away from individual, isolated names, to a more collective and intuitive means of understanding the role they play. Thus, our ERP Integration solution Cloras, now is DCKAP Integrator: easy to understand, easy to connect with our other products, such as DCKAP PIM and DCKAP Headless

You’ll find this new, cohesive approach on our new and improved website as well. Curious solution seekers wouldn’t have to bounce between websites for multiple solutions anymore. The website now personifies this unified outlook to problem-solving that DCKAP is taking in this next leg of its journey. 

Not all of our products will follow this trend, though. Our teams often create solutions to problems for those outside our core niche (why hold back smart creativity?).

Solutions beyond the realm of eCommerce and B2B Distribution will continue to maintain their individual identities. An example of this is the aforementioned test management solution, QA Touch.

Clearly, this is not a small change to our story. We also didn’t come to a decision regarding this move overnight. There have been a number of conversations leading up to this, and we’re thrilled to now be able to share this news with you—you, who have been at the heart of every step and every decision we have taken in our 15+ year journey. 

Industrial distributors act as the backbone of industries across the world, and helping your business achieve profitable growth brings us all the motivation we need to continue to challenge ourselves, experiment, and deliver. 

That’s the DCKAP way. 

Update December 2022:

Since the publishing of this announcement DCKAP has also launched Zircly at DCKAP Summit 2022, Los Angeles. Zircly is a tool designed to help modern organizations take their culture to the next level. Like QA Touch, Zircly also exists as an independent brand: catering to companies within and outside the distribution niche.

Vibha N

Vibha is a Content Strategy Manager at DCKAP. She has over six years of experience in content creation and social media, with two of those dedicated to the field of ecommerce, integration, and technology. She has previous experience working with various other sectors including sustainability, education, filmmaking, F&B, and more. When not knee-deep in content and conversations, she can be found geeking out on pop-culture or making her next cup of strong filter coffee.

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