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Epicor P21 Adobe Commerce (Magento) Integration: How It Works

Iyappan Perumal
December 16, 2022 |

Adobe Commerce, previously Magento, is undoubtedly the most popular commerce platform in the world, trusted by a number of merchants across the globe helping with driving innovation and ensuring your eCommerce relevancy. It is the topmost preferred option in B2B commerce, powering 41 merchants on the Internet Retailer B2B eCommerce Top 300 list. With Adobe Commerce, you can create an outstanding B2B experience that exceeds customers’ expectations.

Epicor P21, on the other hand is a popular industry leader when it comes to distribution software, which is known for its emphasis on vertical markets and also the development of project-specific requirements applications and building client-side communication patterns on a best-of-breed basis. The Epicor Distribution Suite portfolio consists of popular distribution systems, Prophet 21® and Eclipse™.

It can be best described as a fully integrated ERP solution with plenty of features for inventory control, accounting, pre-production materials planning, client-side components as well as manufacturing execution system (MES) erp integration. The system is delivered either on-premise or can be hosted, or you can even use it as a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) offering.

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Adobe Commerce – Epicor P21 Integration

In this article, we share our knowledge to integrate the popular open-source digital commerce platform – Adobe Commerce (Magento 2) with Prophet 21, called P21. Also explore more about Magento api integration Magento System integrator  Magento erp integration  Magento POS integration

Adobe Commerce (Magento 2) has many new and improved custom project components features. It’s industry-standard API feature called REST was used to Integrate with P21 in both ways. Moreover, Adobe Commerce Experience Manager (AEM Page) logic helps you deliver branded, personalized shopping experiences across web, mobile, and social touchpoints through a centralized data models.

REST API services of P21 was implemented to sync Customer and Order data flow into P21.

In the same way, P21 uses Adobe Commerce REST API to send backend Customer address update data, Product Create and update in real-time. The current set of Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source GraphQL queries allow a mobile app or browser to render a wide variety of information. Moreover, it helps you manage content, personalised variations and commerce from a single backend communication by streamlining your business logic.

To create an order that originated in P21 into Adobe Commerce, we used Adobe Commerce cron, which will extract JSON data from the file. Once the file is created, it is fed into Adobe Commerce by P21.

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Data Services – Epicor P21

Customer Create

When a new customer is registered in Adobe Commerce, it will also be created in P21 and a P21 customer id and credentials will be assigned.

Customer Specific Pricing

If the logged-in customer is a contractor, then the contract pricing will be pulled from P21.


When a customer views the product listing in the website, the Epicor P21 service checks the availability of the product stock and displays the current inventory status on the website.

Credit Line

The credit line service allows a customer to purchase without making any immediate payment.

Order Feed

P21 offline orders (for e.g. by sales team) need to be synched with Adobe Commerce and this is achieved by order feed CSV.

Data Services -Adobe Commerce

Customer Update

When a customer is created in P21 (based on a registration in Adobe Commerce), it updates Adobe Commerce with the following information – P21 Customer ID, Sales Location ID, Billing and Shipping Address, and Freight Type. Moreover, it also helps to Create a central customer data models.

Product Create and Update

The product created in Epicor Prophet 21 will be created with basic information into Adobe Commerce. If there is any change in the product price or weight, this will be updated in Adobe Commerce.

Order Status Update

Status and tracking information of the project created will be updated using this web service for the orders which originated in Adobe Commerce, thus aligning the core performancy by streamlining project specific requiirements.

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Adobe Commerce Epicor P21 Integration Benefits

Adobe Commerce is a powerful e-commerce system that allows businesses of all sizes to manage their orders, inventory, and customer relationships effectively. Epicor P21 Integration with Adobe Commerce provides a number of advantages, including:
– Faster order processing and fulfillment
– Enhanced order management features
– Reduced inventory levels and improved procurement processes
– Improved customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities
– More accurate sales forecasting through effective data analysis
– Greater insight into customer behavior for targeted marketing efforts.


Epicor Prophet 21 Integration with Adobe Commerce (Magento) is a powerful combination that can help businesses streamline their commerce processes. By integrating Epicor Prophet 21 with Adobe Commerce, you can improve the efficiency of your business by automating common tasks and processes. Integration with an ERP makes it far more cost-effective than a re-platform and grants you access to a ton of benefits.

Seamless integration of Adobe Commerce with Epicor Prophet 21 is sure to make your lives easier and focus on customers and your business.

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If you have any queries or need any support, please visit our FAQ section.

ERP is short for enterprise resource planning. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) refers to a business process management software that allows an organization to use a system made up with integrated applications which can best manage a business and automate various back-office functions in association with technology, HR and different services.

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