We are DCKAP

We’re on a mission to empower distributors to drive operational excellence and profitable growth by harnessing the power of flowing data.

DCKAP is a cloud-based software product company

We help distributors to build, connect, automate and grow their online business. DCKAP Integrator, the ERP Integration platform, connects distributors' ERP system to any number of business applications—including the eCommerce platform, CRM, Inventory, Accounting, Logistics, and Marketplaces like 3M, to name a few.

What does DCKAP mean?

When we started in 2005, our hope was to have a very short name, specifically a short dot-com domain name. Unfortunately, all the company names we thought of were already taken. So, we decided to take a different approach and came up with DCKAP (pronounced D-C-KAP) which represents the family initials of founder Karthik Chidambaram. We also used the opportunity to form an acronym:
Dexterous, Creative, Knowledgeable, and Aspiring People

Why are we different?

We take pride in our work culture. We have an amazing team and we understand how to leverage each other’s strengths. We have an open work culture and the majority of our business is generated through word of mouth and referrals. We also have a lean sales team, allowing us to focus on our clients and partners.

Our Story

We started our journey back in 2005 as a bootstrapped technology company with two people, two computers, and two desks out of a small apartment in Chicago, Illinois. In 2007, DCKAP moved its headquarters to Fremont, California, and then expanded operations in 2008 with a new facility in Chennai, India. In the year 2020, we moved our headquarters officially to Round Rock, Texas. The aim was to curate a geo-neutral approach. We started scouting for talent from across the globe with our hybrid work model of work from home and on-site approach that we adopted during COVID-19. This has given us the ability to source the best talent for the job, regardless of location.

Early on, our work experience encompassed many different avenues and numerous ventures, from web design and curating email ads, to entering the mobile apps market and developing iOS applications. ‘HomeFly’ and ‘Learn Alphabets & Numbers’ are some of the early developments in iOS applications created by our team.

What began as a combination of work in web design, mobile app development, and game development, eventually grew into something more focused, particularly after the unveiling of Magento in 2007-2008. We became early adopters and also experimented with AdWords and Search Engine Optimization. Eventually, we built a team of specialists on the Magento platform, as well as teams working with Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, iOS, Android, and Gaming.

As the years passed and we continued to strategize for the future, we realized that we needed to focus our efforts for success in the industry. We decided to specialize in the area of digital commerce and dominate the field. In 2012, we began to focus solely on the Magento platform and scale back our work with other platforms.

By 2015, we had become an official Magento Partner, with dozens of certified developers and experts on hand, and many more being added to the team each year. We worked closely with the Magento team, understanding the value of a partner ecosystem, partner marketing, and the tight knit community. Soon after, we began to expand our efforts to other key players in the industry such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and integrative ERP systems.

In 2017, DCKAP rebranded and embraced the Rhino as our new and improved company logo to represent our new perspective. At the same time, we started building products the following year, DCKAP Integrator (ERP Integration Platform) and QA Touch (Test Management Tool).

Today, it is mission to enhance customer experiences and drive online revenue for our clients. DCKAP is uniquely positioned to help manufacturers & distributors thrive online. While we are platform agnostic, as experts in leading platforms, we are dedicated to creating the best experience for each and every client, and we have the certifications and skills to show for it.

The Story of the Rhino


In establishing our mission and brand, we decided to use an animal to represent DCKAP’s values and really bring the brand to life. Animals contain strong symbolism that connects well with people, and we wanted our brand to have the same kind of impact. Throughout our travels and the many conferences our team has attended around the world, we were inspired by other companies with animal symbols to use a similar mascot to represent us, and we considered many different animals such as the Elephant and Peacock. After many discussions around this, we ultimately chose the Greater One-Horned Rhino.

Rhinoceros unicornis, as it’s known in scientific circles, is a unique and agile animal found in the eastern part of India. The Indian rhino has a single horn and it is the largest of all the Asian rhinos. As our lineage also stems from India, we are very proud of its heritage. One of the most unique features of the Greater One-Horned Rhinos is that they disperse seeds from the vast grasslands they graze upon, helping the surrounding plants and animals to thrive and supporting the ecosystem. Here at DCKAP, we also strive to support the ecosystem and strongly believe in helping the community.

Meet Our Mascot

DCKAP - Meet Our Mascot

The Rhino symbol has grown to be an important part of our brand. You can see us proudly reiterating this in the form of our logo designs to our t-shirts and plush toys. Most importantly, it stands as a representation of our values, one that we wholeheartedly embrace! DCKAP and the Rhino have become interchangeable, and we are proud to be associated with such a powerful and endearing animal.

With the great conservation work in India, the population of the Greater One-Horned Rhino has greatly improved over the last decade, though they are listed as vulnerable and still face many difficulties. Unfortunately, all species of Rhino remain threatened in many ways, as they are some of the most highly-targeted animals on the planet. With threats ranging from the hunt of horn-seeking poachers to a diminishing natural environment, the Rhinos must face these difficulties every day for their survival.

DCKAP Celebrates World Rhino Day on September 22 each year!

Save The Rhino

In embracing the Rhino as our mascot, we wholeheartedly embrace all rhino species. We recognize their plight to survive, and we hope to do our part in raising awareness and supporting the fight to save them. DCKAP believes in giving back to the community we serve and the majestic animal we represent by dedicating our efforts and donations to worthy organizations such as Save The Rhino.

World Rhino Day 2021

Meet Rhine and Ramu – a lovely pair of Greater One-Horned Rhinos. Initially brought from Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad, Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park, Patna, respectively, through the animal exchange program, they now graze peacefully at their abode in Arignar Anna Zoological Park (AAZP).

With the pandemic changing the course of the world and its impact being felt on preserving the Greater One-Horned Rhinos (Our mascots), we supported the AAZP officials in their wonderful conservation activities by adopting Rhine and Ramu until the end of 2022 to give all the care they deserve.

Say Hi to the newest members of our community!
DCKAP - Save The Rhino
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Partnering for Success

Alliances with the world's most popular digital commerce platforms, technology partners, and agencies enable us to provide complete solutions for all types of businesses from every industry. We’ve formed partnerships and strategic alliances with world-class organizations, offering the best products and services while delivering comprehensive solutions to our clients.

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The DCKAP Community

We believe eCommerce is a diverse ecosystem that extends well beyond just a website or online store. It’s about building seamless web experiences, drawing upon past ERP integrations and current cloud-based tools. It’s about creating a seamless connection between all platforms and software, catering to the modern needs of omnichannel shopping and instant gratification.

Beyond developing amazing websites and unparalleled shopping experiences, our mission is to build a community of like-minded businesses, developers and an ecosystem of powerful solutions to drive the digital commerce industry forward. We welcome you to partner with us to power the digital commerce experience, drive revenue, and increase sales.


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