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What is Epicor Commerce Connect?

Girinath A
May 15, 2023 |
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Epicor Commerce Connect is an ecommerce solution provided by Epicor Software. It assists companies in streamlining their online sales processes, and product management within the same system, enhancing their online experiences, and integrating their ecommerce platform with their back-end Enterprise Resource Planning or Epicor ERP system.

Thanks to mobile device optimization, users can view their ecommerce activities from anywhere, anytime. Epicor Commerce Connect offers users the ability to quickly handle their online stores, and product catalogs, process orders, and monitor inventory making it a strong option for today’s companies, while also giving real-time insight into sales and order data. 

Furthermore, Epicor Commerce Connect(ECC) an innovative digital commerce solution offers tools for controlling and improving the online purchasing experience, such as search, personalization, and promotions.

What are the challenges associated with Epicor Commerce Connect? 

While Epicor Commerce Connect has many advantages for businesses seeking to integrate their ecommerce activities with their ERP platforms, it does have some drawbacks. Take a deeper look:


Epicor Commerce Connect is a complicated tool that may necessitate substantial technical expertise to set up and manage, which may be difficult for small companies or those with limited IT resources.


The expense of Epicor Commerce Connect varies based on the scale and complexity of the implementation. This could be a problem for tiny and medium-sized companies with limited resources.

Integration issues 

While Epicor Commerce Connect supports a wide variety of ecommerce platforms, companies may still face connectivity problems that require expert assistance to fix.

Steps for Integrating Epicor Commerce Connect

Integrating Epicor Commerce Connect with your ecommerce software can help you streamline processes and enhance user experience. The following are the procedures to incorporate Epicor Commerce Connect:

Establish your integration requirements 

Before you start the integration process, you should decide which data you want to combine between your ecommerce platform and Epicor Commerce Connect. Product data, inventory amounts, pricing, purchase specifics, and customer information may be included.

Select a connection method 

REST APIs, webhooks, and FTP are among the connection techniques supported by Epicor Commerce Connect. Select the technique that best meets your company’s requirements.

Set up your connection 

Once you’ve decided on an integration technique, configure the necessary options in both your ecommerce platform and Epicor Commerce Connect. This could include creating API credentials, enabling webhooks, or connecting via FTP.

Test your integration 

It is critical to fully evaluate your integration before going live. This involves ensuring that any customizations or unique business standards are correctly applied, as well as testing the data flow between your ecommerce platform and Epicor Commerce Connect.

Launch your integration 

Once you’ve tried it and are happy with its functionality, you can go ahead and launch it. This entails turning on the integration and watching its performance to ensure that everything is operating efficiently.

Maintain and update your integration

Finally, it is critical to keep and upgrade your integration over time in order to ensure that it continues to satisfy your company’s requirements. Changes to your ecommerce platform or Epicor Commerce Connect settings, as well as updating your integration technique, may be required to suit new data needs or business guidelines.

Top Ways to Integrate Epicor Commerce Connect

Depending on the company’s requirements, Epicor Commerce Connect can be linked with ecommerce platforms and other business tools in several ways. Here are some of the most popular methods for integrating Epicor Commerce Connect:


Epicor Commerce Connect offers REST APIs to help companies connect their ecommerce platform with their ERP system. Businesses can now synchronize product information, pricing, inventory, and order data between the two platforms.


Epicor Commerce Connect can be linked with an ecommerce website via FTP as well (File Transfer Protocol). Businesses can use this to transfer data between the two platforms, such as product catalogs, inventory, and purchase information.


Epicor Commerce Connect supports webhooks, which are automated signals sent from an ecommerce platform to Epicor Commerce Connect when certain events occur, such as the placement of a new purchase or the updating of a product. This enables companies to maintain system synchronization without the need for manual upgrades.

Custom integrations 

Custom interactions may be required for companies with more complicated connectivity requirements. Working with a coder to build a customized integration between Epicor Commerce Connect and the ecommerce platform or other systems is required.

What are the benefits of Epicor Commerce Connect?

The Epicor Software Corporation product Epicor Commerce Connect is a one-stop shop for distributors and companies seeking to launch an online store. Epicor Commerce Connect is a powerful software choice that can offer businesses using it for ecommerce operations a number of benefits.

Enhanced efficiency 

By combining ecommerce operations with supply chain and ERP systems, companies can simplify and improve their processes. Epicor Commerce Connect solution updates inventory levels, transaction progress, and shipment information in real-time, eliminating the need for manual data entry and lowering the risk of mistakes.

Support for B2C Channels

Provide Epicor ERP customers with the information-rich features they anticipate, such as powerful search capabilities, product comparisons, guest and account logins, and payment choices.


Epicor Commerce Connect is a scalable solution that enables teams to easily handle different systems and services thanks to its tight integration and extensive support network. This tool is intended to simplify complex business processes and facilitate online sales for businesses of all kinds.

Increased consumer satisfaction 

Epicor Commerce Connect gives companies the necessary tools to get rapid results, enabling them to interact with their suppliers and clients using powerful functionality.

With Epicor Commerce Connect, companies can provide a smooth purchasing experience to their online customers and trading partners. Faster order delivery, real-time order monitoring, and simple returns handling are all made possible by the software. 

Real-Time Stock Levels

Allow consumers to view inventory availability and decide whether or not to accept deals when supply is limited.

Enhanced analytics 

Epicor Commerce Connect’s built-in analytics and monitoring tools provide companies with useful views into their ecommerce operations. This includes information on client behavior, sales patterns, and inventory amounts that can be used to make sound business choices.

Multi-channel support 

Epicor Commerce Connect serves a variety of ecommerce platforms, including web markets, social media, and mobile shopping. This enables companies to contact customers through their favored platforms, thereby expanding their reach and revenue potential. 

It integrates easily with other Epicor solutions as an open-source platform, making it an excellent option for those who already have a customer base.


Because Epicor Commerce Connect is highly customizable, companies can customize the software to their particular requirements. This includes personalized catalogs, pricing guidelines, and promotions that can be tailored to specific consumer groups.

Mobile Internet Connectivity

You and your clients can use any device to view the site. Your website is also completely responsive, seamlessly adjusting to any screen size.

Self-Service for Customers

Encourage repeat purchases and handle returns by providing customized access to quotes, order history, invoices, and shipment information to clients.

Robust Capabilities

This solution assists companies in achieving key business goals by offering robust capabilities for customer account management, inventory management, and other functions. Businesses can remain ahead of the competition and provide a better online shopping experience by adding new capabilities on a regular basis.

What are possible Use cases of Epicor Commerce Connect?

Management of Online Stores 

Epicor Commerce Connect enables companies to establish, administer, and modify their online shops by creating unique websites. Product catalogs can be created, inventory amounts managed, orders processed, and shipment and dispatch procedures handled.

B2B E-commerce 

Epicor Commerce Connect offers sophisticated B2B ecommerce features such as custom pricing, complicated product configurations, and purchase approval processes.

Omnichannel Retailing 

Epicor Commerce Connect assists companies in creating a seamless omnichannel shopping experience by combining online and physical sales platforms. In-store pickup, ship-from-store, and other shipping choices are available to businesses.

Customer Experience Management 

Epicor Commerce Connect enables companies to provide their consumers with customized purchasing experiences. Businesses can use data and analytics to better understand their clients’ tastes and habits, allowing them to offer more tailored discounts and suggestions.

Pricing Model

Epicor Commerce Connect pricing is dependent on the needs of each individual client and is not made public. This makes it challenging for companies to estimate the amount of money they will need to spend on the platform, potentially leading to unforeseen expenses. 

The fee is also available per user and per month. For each group, the price range for Epicor is $20 to $50, $50 to $200, and over $200-$1000.

DCKAP Integrator’s P21 API is a benefit for DCKAP Integrator users when compared to Epicor Commerce Connect’s pricing approach. The DCKAP Integrator API syncs prices, products, inventories, orders, and customers across multiple applications. DCKAP Integrator P21 API acts as a custom API for its on-premise version and tinkers with P21’s cloud API to expand its capabilities.

DCKAP Integrator’s API

Epicor Commerce Connect can be replaced by DCKAP Integrator’s API, which offers similar functionality but with more flexible pricing. The API enables businesses to connect their Epicor ERP systems to their ecommerce platform, allowing features such as real-time inventory management, order tracking, and customer account management.

Users of the DCKAP Integrator can benefit from an integrated ERP and ecommerce system while saving money by using the the API’s features without paying extra fees.

DCKAP Integrator is able to provide a more transparent and predictable pricing model for DCKAP Integrator users by providing the P21 API complimentary along with the ERP Integrator platform, making it simpler for businesses to budget and plan their ecommerce and ERP integration requirements.

The user-friendly UI of the API integration module with DCKAP Integrator makes managing data synchronization between various systems easier.

Streamline Your Epicor Commerce Connect — Using DCKAP Integrator

Your Epicor Commerce Connect operations can be made more efficient by using the robust integration tool DCKAP Integrator. You can manage data transfer between Epicor Commerce Connect and other systems, including ERP, CRM, and POS, minimizing mistakes and the need for manual data entry.

All of these data components are already included in a pre-configured package in DCKAP Integrator. Your data is protected by its GDPR compliance technology, which uses encrypted transfers and SSL licenses.

With the integration tool of DCKAP Integrator, data sharing is accomplished much more quickly. As a result, client support and organizational productivity are enhanced because manual data entry is no longer necessary. You can validate that your business network is linked and sharing data in both directions using the integrated solution provided by DCKAP Integrator.

Use the DCKAP Integrator API to flawlessly build connections with Epicor Prophet P21.

  • Integrate with ease thanks to the API bearing the burden.
  • Verify data precision across platforms
  • Make sure that data and transactions between networks are safe.
  • Gain scalability and speed so you can experience growth.
  • Without the need for a coder, save time and increase precision.

We recognize how important it is to keep your data up to date as you expand into new marketplaces and goods. For expert assistance, check out DCKAP Integrator right away. 


What is Epicor Commerce Connect?

Epicor Commerce Connect is a software system provided by Epicor Software that assists companies in developing and managing their ecommerce operations. It enables businesses to connect their ERP systems with their ecommerce platforms, streamlining processes and providing a more seamless consumer experience.

With which ecommerce systems does Epicor Commerce Link work?

Epicor Commerce Link is compatible with a variety of ecommerce systems, including Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce.

Is Epicor Commerce Connect capable of handling B2B ecommerce operations?

Certainly, Epicor Commerce Connect can manage B2B and B2C ecommerce transactions. It supports B2B deals with features such as contract pricing, custom catalogs, and account administration tools.

Which companies can profit from Epicor Commerce Connect?

Epicor Commerce Connect is built on a cloud-based platform intended to help a broad variety of businesses, from small and medium-sized businesses to big corporations with complex ecommerce operations. It is especially beneficial to businesses in the production, distribution, and retail sectors. It offers flexibility, scalability, and reliability, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes. 

What are some of the alternatives of Epicor Commerce Connect?

DCKAP Integrator
DCKAP Integrator has been crafted for distributors, by experts in integrating Epicor ERP solutions. It is easy-to-use, robust, and offers limitless integrations.

Zapier is a well-known utility for automating processes between various apps, such as ecommerce platforms and ERP systems. It has an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple for companies to set up and manage connections.

Jitterbit is a cloud-based integration tool that provides pre-built connectors for major ecommerce platforms and ERP systems, making system integration simpler for companies.

Dell Boomi
Dell Boomi is an enterprise-grade integration framework that provides a diverse set of interfaces and tools for integrating various systems. It provides a low-code interface that enables companies to develop and handle integrations without requiring significant technological knowledge.

MuleSoft is a complete integration platform that provides tools for merging various systems, such as ecommerce platforms and ERP systems. It has a graphical user interface that makes it simple for companies to build and handle integrations.

Is Epicor Commerce Connect compatible with Epicor Prophet P21?


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