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Epicor Prophet 21 and Salesforce Integration Explained [+Case Study]

Girinath A
May 14, 2024 |
Epicor Prophet 21 and Salesforce Integration

Combining the features of Salesforce and Epicor Prophet 21 can increase business profits and revenues. Salesforce is one of the leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions while Epicor Prophet 21 is a popular Enterprise Resource Planning solution designed for distributors. 

The two solutions when integrated makes it possible to analyze customer behavior, discover hidden trends, and improve order management. It’s very possible for businesses to realize better financial outcomes based on their choice of decisions. Here is a simple overview of Prophet 21 and Salesforce integration:

Here’s a quick breakdown of Salesforce and Epicor Prophet 21 integration:

How to Integrate Prophet 21 and Salesforce?

There are two main ways to integrate Prophet 21 and Salesforce: point-to-point and via middleware.

1. Point-to-Point Integration

Point-to-point integration is one of the simplest methods of directly connecting two systems without the use of an intermediary. It is well-suited for small-scale configurations. Here, data moves between the systems using APIs (application programming interface) or direct connections. Usually, custom APIs are used to make this happen.

Salesforce’s tools for point-to-point integration:

  • REST API: Connects with Salesforce to exchange data.
  • SOAP API: Integrates with other SOAP-based systems.
  • Apex Integration Services: Develop web services for the purpose of integrating external systems.
  • Outbound Messaging: This is used when a message is sent to another external software whenever an event occurs. 

Remember that this integration method is only preferable for simple integrations. For complex needs, organizations might want integration platforms or middleware to handle things more smoothly.

2. Middleware Integration

Middleware integration involves the use of a third-party solution. It unifies several systems, creating a central hub for data exchange and can integrate various applications, including ERP, CRM, ecommerce platforms, PIM, and WMS. It is a smart option for organizations that have many systems to connect.

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Why Choose A Prophet 21 & Salesforce Integration?

Here are a few reasons why you should consider Prophet 21 and Salesforce integration:

1. Save Time: 

  • Integration allows employees to work with seamless data flow and spend less time switching between different platforms, increasing general productivity.
  • It also saves time and effort through the elimination of manual data entry.

2. Get Real-Time Reporting: 

  • Salesforce integration empowers you with real-time access to sales data from the Epicor Prophet 21 system.
  • One can make smart decisions on the basis of data lying at the centralized platform of Salesforce regarding customer relations and the launching of new products. 

3. Automate Support for Lead Nurturing and Engagement: 

  • It has the features of lead management from Salesforce.
  • Set up automated lead nurturing and engagement strategy based on specific criteria.
  • Design custom workflows. Specific actions could be email campaigns or SMS messages for better conversion. 

4. Reduce Error Rate: 

  • The integration reduces errors in reporting and analysis since the consolidation of data.
  • You can identify and rectify errors quickly since all the sales information is instantly available.

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Top Challenges Associated with Epicor P21 & Salesforce Integration

The most common challenges associated with integrating Salesforce and Epicor Prophet 21 are:

  • Integration between Epicor Prophet 21 and Salesforce is a two-way street. This means that you must ensure that the data entered into the system is consistent with what is imported from Salesforce.
With an ‘Advanced Mapping’ feature, as available in the DCKAP Integrator, you can easily mitigate this challenge, by mapping the different data and letting the tool transfer the data as intended.
  • The integration between the two systems must be flexible enough for future updates and changes in both systems. If either system has a significant update or upgrade, it will affect the other system. This can be avoided by ensuring that all changes made to both systems are done through an automated process that allows for testing before they are rolled out to production or live environments.
  • It is recommended to use a third-party application to provide data synchronization between Salesforce and Epicor Prophet 21 so that there is no important data loss (such as sales orders) during integration and maintenance processes.

DCKAP Integrator: Simplifying Integration for Distributors

DCKAP Integrator is a cloud-based integration tool, specifically made for distributors. It has the required expertise and ability to connect Epicor Prophet 21 with Salesforce. With DCKAP Integrator, you can keep all your business data in one place and see everything clearly. It becomes the single source of truth eliminating the need for multiple software solutions. It makes sure Epicor P21 and Salesforce CRM talk to each other smoothly.  

It works with all the important parts of Epicor Prophet 21. Plus, it’s made to be simple yet strong. You can try it out with a demo customized just for you. Here are some of the features that set it apart from others: 

  • User-friendly and Intuitive Interface
  • No learning curve 
  • Advanced data mapping features that empower users to personalize data synchronization.
  • Real-time synchronization to keep the platforms at par with the same information.
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics for business insights.
  • Third-party extensions and plugins are easily integrated.

Case Study: Epicor Prophet 21 and Salesforce Integration with DCKAP Integrator

After the sales department at CB Pacific upgraded to Salesforce CRM, they needed an integration solution to sync information between the CRM and their Prophet 21 ERP.

The DCKAP Integrator has provided comprehensive integration solutions to automate their customer base data, the quotes and orders frequently placed by other distributors, and since the CB Pacific Team is dedicated to manufacturing and supplying manufactured parts, the integration automates the sales opportunities related to their manufactured parts as well.


Is Prophet 21 an ERP solution?

Epicor Prophet 21 is an all-inclusive ERP software that intends to ease business processes and operations overall, with special consideration given to wholesale distribution.

What are the benefits of integrating Epicor Prophet 21 and Salesforce?

Integration of Epicor Prophet 21 and Salesforce offers a number of benefits, including business visibility, customer relationship management, order management, improved financial management, and supply chain management.

What are some use cases for Epicor Prophet 21 and Salesforce Integration? 

Use cases for integration include synchronizing customer data between ERP and CRM systems, automating sales order creation and processing, tracking inventory levels and sales performance, and generating insightful reports for informed decision-making.

Which ERP works best with Salesforce?

When it comes to ERP integration with Salesforce, several options work well together. However, popular choices include systems like SAP, Oracle NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Epicor Prophet 21. These ERPs offer robust capabilities and seamless integration possibilities with Salesforce.

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