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Epicor Prophet 21 and Salesforce Integration: What You Need to Know

Girinath A
December 15, 2022 |
Epicor Prophet 21 and Salesforce Integration

Salesforce and Epicor Prophet 21 are a powerful combination that can help you increase revenue and profits for your business.

Salesforce is the world’s leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. It provides a single platform for customer management, sales, marketing, finance, and more.

Epicor Prophet 21 is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. It’s designed to give distributors the tools they need to run their businesses more efficiently. It helps gain insights into customer data and make more informed decisions about better serving them.

A Prophet 21 and Salesforce integration offers the opportunity to analyze customer behavior, identify previously invisible trends, and improve order management. With data-backed decisions, businesses can definitely improve their bottom line.

Here’s a quick breakdown of Salesforce and Epicor Prophet 21 integration:

Why Choose A Prophet 21 & Salesforce Integration?

1. Transform your sales team into a data-driven machine

Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM systems available today. It has created successful companies such as Netflix, Airbnb and many others. Salesforce is also known for its AI technology, which helps it connect with customers and prospects personally. This allows them to provide personalized services unique to each customer and increase their chances of success.

Integration allows various teams to access to all important ERP data from one place. The sales team can see exactly what is selling right now, how much revenue it generates per month, and how much profit they make on each sale. They will also be able to see how much time they spend per week on each deal and how long it takes them to close those deals once they contact a prospect. For even greater results, level up your team’s skill sets with advanced sales training. Powerful integrations plus better sales skills can yield tremendous outcomes for any business.

2. Save time

The time saved by integrating Epicor Prophet 21 with Salesforce is huge. This eliminates the need for manual data entry, which is tedious and time-consuming. The process of entering data into Salesforce can be done with one click on the Epicor Prophet 21 user interface.

It’s also a lot easier to manage your data. Enter once to update across the system. Compare this to the need to manually update across systems, and the time saved becomes obvious.

3. Access real-time reporting:

To access real-time reporting and analyze sales data, you must have the ability to connect your Epicor Prophet 21 with Salesforce. This is where integration with the Salesforce platform comes in handy. You can view all your business data in one place with a connection to your Salesforce account. You can also use this information to make smarter decisions about customer relationships and product launches.

4. Automated lead nurturing and engagement processes:

The most effective way to sell is to nurture leads and engage with them over time. Epicor Prophet 21 integrates Salesforce opportunities, contacts and CRM data so you can take advantage of the full range of lead management features.

Using Salesforce, you can set up an automated lead nurturing and engagement strategy that ensures your business generates qualified leads at the right time. You can create custom workflows that trigger when specific criteria are met, such as when a customer makes a purchase or when they are added to a list. You can also use triggers and alerts to leverage existing sales tools like email campaigns or SMS messages.

5. Reduces error rate:

Integrating Epicor Prophet 21 with Salesforce reduces the error rate in reporting and analysis. For example, suppose you have an error on a particular sales order. In that case, it is easier to identify and correct it because you will have all the information about that particular sale in seconds.

How to Integrate Prophet 21 and Salesforce?

The market offers many ways for businesses today to integrate their ERP and CRM. Two popular options include point-to-point and integrating via middleware.

As the name suggests, the point-to-point integration relies on a direct connection between two individual systems. It relies on the use of a custom code to connect the systems and is ideal when the scope for the integration is minimal. 

Middleware offers a more comprehensive route. Using a third-party solution, businesses can connect multiple systems. This creates a single source of truth for critical business data flowing through these apps: which may include the eCommerce platform, PIM, WMS and more. DCKAP Integrator or Boomi are great examples of this solution.  

For those interested to know more, we have previously covered all you need to know about setting up a successful ERP and CRM integration

Top Challenges Associated with Epicor P21 & Salesforce Integration

The most common challenges associated with integrating Salesforce and Epicor Prophet 21 are:

  1. Integration between Epicor Prophet 21 and Salesforce is a two-way street. This means that you must ensure that the data entered into the system is consistent with what is imported from Salesforce.
  2. The integration between the two systems must be flexible enough for future updates and changes in both systems. If either system has a significant update or upgrade, it will affect the other system. This can be avoided by ensuring that all changes made to both systems are done through an automated process that allows for testing before they are rolled out to production or live environments.
  3. It is recommended to use a third-party application to provide data synchronization between Salesforce and Epicor Prophet 21 so that there is no important data loss (such as sales orders) during integration and maintenance processes.

To conclude 

DCKAP Integrator is a complete software integration platform solution for integrating Epicor Prophet 21 with Salesforce. It helps you manage all your data in one system and provides complete visibility into your business. It eliminates the need for multiple systems and allows you to build an integrated ERP system. With DCKAP integrator, you can ensure seamless integration between Epicor P21 and Salesforce.

DCKAP Integrator supports all major features of Epicor Prophet 21. It is designed to help you manage all your data in one system so that it is easily accessible and available to all members of your organization. The product is as robust as it is easy to use, which you can see for yourself with a customized demo.

Girinath A

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