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Epicor Prophet 21 BigCommerce Integration Made Easy: A Quick Guide

Aiswarya Madhu
December 16, 2022 |
BigCommerce & P21 Integration inside (1)

eCommerce is a fast-growing business segment. The number of companies that use composable eCommerce platform to sell their products has grown by more than 20 percent per year, and this trend is expected to continue for another five years.

In this context, it is no wonder that ERP integration is considered the most important factor for distributors’ eCommerce success. According to Gartner, 54 percent of companies surveyed by the market research firm said that ERP integration was critical for their company’s success in the coming year.

B2B commerce is one of the most dominant trends across all SaaS industries today. With increasing manufacturing and distribution companies scrambling to meet their sales process, warehouse efficiency and ensure they remain ahead of their competitors in the B2B marketplace, it’s no wonder that ERPs are a very important business technology tool to ensure user-friendliness and operational efficiency.

However, one of the challenges of using Epicor Eclipse is integrating it with other software platforms. In this article, we’ll show you how to connect Epicor P21 with BigCommerce, so you can take advantage of both systems’ features!

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Top Ways Epicor P21 BigCommerce Integration Help You Scale Up

Epicor P21 is a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution like Acumatica that helps businesses streamline their operations. And, BigCommerce is a leading eCommerce platform that enables businesses to sell online.

The integration of these two platforms can provide businesses with a comprehensive solution for managing their entire business. The integration can help businesses save time and money by automating tasks and eliminating the need for manual data entry. Also, it helps businesses improve their customer service, manage their inventory more effectively, and prevent stockouts. Overall, the integration of Epicor Prophet 21 and BigCommerce or p21 integration with hubspot can provide businesses with a complete solution for managing their business operations.

We’re sure, you want to know in detail how it will transform your business. Scroll, down to see what it brings you:

8 Stellar Benefits of Epicor P21 BigCommerce Data Integration ss

Imagine the capabilities of both Epicor P21 & BigCommerce integration! Adding your Epicor product to Big Commerce takes your organization to a whole new level of eCommerce. It allows your customers to make purchases with just one click (Epicor Kinetic is a custom self-service portal that helps your improve customer satisfaction), saving you time and money. It is a perfect fit for today’s eCommerce businesses that want increased sales without sacrificing profitability.

1. Streamline Data Management 

One of the biggest benefits of integrating your Epicor P21 ERP system with BigCommerce is that it provides streamlined data resource synchronization and complete control making the entire business processes automated. All of your product information will be stored in one central location, making it easy to keep track of and manage.

2. Centralize Sales Process

The integration allows you to easily optimize data synchronization work from Epicor with BigCommerce so that customers can view product information, purchase products, and checkout as usual in your online store. This means that you’re able to give them an experience similar to what they would find on your website, but without having to worry about any technical issues or complications.

Benefits of Epicor P21 Integration with BigCommerce

3. Improve Analytics

Through successful integration with BigCommerce, Epicor ERP system offers distributors improved analytics because it provides access to all relevant information from the BigCommerce platform such as product content & details, and prices into one central location where you can easily access it from any device, thus eliminating data silos! This makes it easier for you to analyze sales data for each product line or even for individual customer orders!

4. Enhance Accuracy

Another benefit of integrating your Epicor P21 ERP system with BigCommerce is that it can help your team to improve accuracy. This is because all of the data will be entered into the system in a consistent manner, meaning that there is less chance for error.

5. Optimize Supply Chain

The Epicor P21 Integration with BigCommerce provides distributors with the opportunity to manage their supply chain, inventory, and orders in one system. It also lets you forecast, manage and track orders, replenishments, sales, returns, and inventory levels with ease. The integration also offers enhanced reporting capabilities to help you analyze key performance indicators at a glance.

6. Increased Efficiency 

Another big benefit of integrating your Epicor Prophet 21 ERP system with BigCommerce is that it can help to increase efficiency. This is because all of the data will be stored in one central location, meaning that business owners won’t have to waste time searching for it in different places.

7. Reduced Costs 

One final benefit of integrating your Epicor P21 ERP system with BigCommerce is that it can help to reduce costs. This is because you won’t need to invest in separate software systems for each platform, meaning that you can save money in the long run.

8. Service & Maintenance Management

With Epicor P21 integrated with BigCommerce, you can now manage your service and maintenance activities in one place. Inventory records and parts lists can be stored in one location across all of your platforms so that you can quickly reference them when servicing customers or repairs are required. You can also use Epicor P21 to manage warranty statistics, which allows you to have complete visibility into your warranty reserves at all times.

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Challenges in Integrating Epicor Prophet 21 Integration With BigCommerce

One of the most popular enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions, Epicor P21, offers a wide range of features and benefits for businesses. However, integrating it with another software solution, such as BigCommerce, can present some challenges.

One of the biggest challenges is data compatibility. While Epicor Prophet 21 can integrate with many different software solutions, not all of them use the same data format. This can make it difficult to transfer data between the two systems.

Another challenge is that Epicor Prophet 21 is designed for businesses that have a complex supply chain. This can make it difficult to integrate with BigCommerce, which is designed for businesses that sell directly to consumers.

Finally, Epicor P21 is a very powerful ERP system. This means that it can be difficult to configure and customize. This can make it challenging to integrate with BigCommerce, which is a more flexible platform.

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DCKAP Integrator- Customized Solution For Your BigCommerce EPICOR PROPHET P21 Integration

DCKAP Integrator is an iPaaS middleware (data connector) that links any two systems, such as ERP, eCommerce, CRM, EDI, and more. The DCKAP Integrator has advanced mapping and modifiers, advanced logging, and birds-eye-view metrics as options to facilitate hassle-free integration.

Here are the crucial data points you can streamline using DCKAP Integrator:

Real-Time & Automatic Synchronization

The DCAP Integrator synchronizes all data between your BigCommerce EPICOR PROPHET P21 installation and other systems in real-time. Moreover, it provides real-time & automatic synchronization based on triggers such as sales tax updates, vendor invoices, etc. This eliminates manual processes and ensures that updates are always kept up-to-date from your BigCommerce Epicor P21 integration.

Purchase Orders

Purchase orders are the most common form of payment. Use DCKAP Integrator to integrate BigCommerce & Epicor P21 to streamline order management from approved vendors for timely and accurate quotes, invoices, and billing.

With this solution, you can easily link your B2B order to BigCommerce Epicor 21 and get the following benefits:

  • Transfers the new purchase order from P21 to BigCommerce witthout any delay.
  • The order details will available in real time on both ERP systems as well as on BigCommerce storefront so that you can see who is responsible for processing an order at any given moment of time.
  • You can also access all transactions history and reports along with the status of all transactions through one single dashboard which saves a lot of time and money while maintaining meticulous records of all transaction activity around the clock 24/7/365 days a year

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing is an important feature of eCommerce, especially for large retailers with multiple products to sell. This helps you create a price table that is specific to each product in the cart, allowing you to set up different prices based on various factors such as size, weight, and quantity.

Payments and Invoices

BigCommerce P21 Integration is the best way to manage your online orders from your BigCommerce store and receive payments from customers on time. With this integration, you can create automated sales reports from BigCommerce data and send them directly to your P21 account or any other accounting software you may have. This way, you’ll be able to track sales at a high level without manually entering data into your accounting software. Here are some crucial benefits you can get from integrating BigCommerce & P21 ERP:

  • Save time by automatically generating P21 payment invoices for every order in your store
  • Manage all your customers’ orders easily through the dashboard of P21
  • Automatically create sales reports for each customer, product, or order
Payment & Invoice integration
Tiny people preparing invoice on computer isolated flat vector illustration. Cartoon accountants creating reports about VAT, payroll and paid money. Online payment and accounting concept

Products Management

DCKAP Integrator helps you keep all your product list, SKUs, categories, descriptions, and inventory data synchronized between your BigCommerce store and P21 ERP through seamless integration.

Moreover, it:

  • Supports a large number of products including multiple SKUs, attributes, and product variations.
  • Automatically load the correct product from your inventory on each page with no additional coding required.
  • Supports drop shipping as well as one-click checkout for online stores.
  • Automatically keep track of stock levels for each item in each location so that you can make informed decisions about ordering new inventory when needed.

Inventory & Order Management

Manage your inventory in real-time from the P21 ERP system so you’ll know when to reorder or restock items like apparel or hardware. BigCommerce P21 Integration is a plugin that allows you to sync inventory management between your BigCommerce eCommerce store and your P21 ERP system. This integration makes it easy for you to manage your inventory from one place and not have to worry about the complexity of managing multiple stores.

Tax Exemption

In the BigCommerce P21 Integration, you can provide tax exemptions or concessions automatically in your BigCommerce storefront based on tax brackets maintained in your P21 ERP for different criteria.

Tax exemptions are a great way to attract customers who are exempt from paying taxes. They can be provided to customers by leveraging your P21 ERP and BigCommerce integration.

For example, you may have a store that sells items that are exempt from sales tax. You can use this integration to automatically make these items available at no additional cost to customers who live in certain states or countries.

Contact Information

The BigCommerce P21 Integration gives you the ability to verify customer contact data right at your BigCommerce store, identify and auto-populate repeat customer data from P21 ERP through bidirectional sync of customer information.

The integration between BigCommerce and P21 addresses the most common issues that merchants face when importing customers into their CRM. By leveraging the power of both systems, you can get everything in one place — from the customer’s name, address, email address, and phone number, to their account status (active/inactive), preferences, sales history, and more. This ensures that all your customer information is up-to-date and accurate across all channels — including social media profiles and websites — so you can deliver a seamless experience for your customers.

Credit Purchase

Seamlessly manage credit sales by keeping credit transaction data in sync between BigCommerce and P21 by integrating the platforms. Credit sales are a huge part of e-commerce. With the growth of mobile apps and mobile shopping applications, more consumers are buying on their smartphones and tablets. Seamlessly manage credit sales by keeping credit transaction data in sync between BigCommerce and P21 by integrating the platforms

Shipment and Delivery

Enhance your customer experience by automating the shipping process, updating tracking details, and order status from P21 into the BigCommerce storefront, and shortening your shipping cycle. In a long term, this will help you keep your financial management balanced.

Shipping is one of the most important parts of the eCommerce business. If you have a complicated or complex shipping process, it can affect customer satisfaction and lead to a decrease in conversions. When orders are shipped manually, there are many possibilities for human errors to occur: delays in delivery due to incomplete or incorrect information, damaged products due to incorrect packaging materials or boxes not selected by the shipper, etc.

Returns Processing

Returns are a critical part of your business. They’re the lifeblood of your revenue and as such, you need to make sure return processing is made user-friendly. This can be made easier by integrating your ERP system with a third party service like BigCommerce, which allows you to manage your returns from one place. Integration between Epicor P21 and BigCommerce is easy with DCKAP Integrator. It allows you to streamline your returns processes by providing greater control over them through automating manual tasks such as batch processing, approval routing and recurring batch processing.

Return processing in eCommerce

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Ensure Seamless Integration With DCKAP Integrator

Integrating Epicor P21 with BigCommerce allows for the clear benefit to increase productivity and operational efficiency. By leveraging the real-time data in your sales and purchase orders, you open doors to new sales opportunities, substantially reducing the time it takes to make informed decisions.

However, integration can get complicated sometimes, and when selecting a partner it is important to do research on them and ensure they are able to handle your needs. Selecting the right partner can make it a lot easier for you and allow you to focus on what really matters, the sale of your product or service. Well, with DCKAP Integrator, you can do it in a snap.

To know more about DCKAP Integrator and other eCommerce services and development, get in touch with us.

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