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BigCommerce Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration Explained

By |March 2, 2021 September 28th, 2022No Comments

There’s no denying that integrating your eCommerce with ERP does wonder to your business.

Integration of critical business systems is slowly picking pace and most companies are on the verge of joining their important systems to let machines do the work while you and your team can spend more time towards building your brand.

What happens when a robust and leading eCommerce platform, BigCommerce is integrated with an equally powerful ERP – Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Here, we’ve listed down the good things that can happen to your business if you integrate BigCommerce with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP!

1. No More Manual Data Entry

Manual data entry is a tedious and time-consuming task. It might be bright in the beginning and as time passes by, no one would want to sit in front of computer screens for hours entering and re-entering data into one system onto the other.

Making employees enter data manually may cost a company more in the long run. And it is not the other way around in terms of cost and efficiency.

But when BigCommerce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 are integrated, the key data points automatically transfer data from one system to the other as and when the action keeps happening. This way, the team can always have (if needed) up-to-date information at their fingertips.

2. Errors Are Costly

The last thing any company or customer would want to see is sales dropping down or red-faced customers vowing never to choose your brand again. The reason? Err… Unintentional errors.

After all, we are humans and even the most careful employees do make mistakes. A high error rate (or even small) in important data could end up costing the company a lot. In a few companies, data entry errors ended up costing companies millions of dollars.

Wondering what to do to avoid errors and be accurate with the numbers? Well, the answer is the same as what we said in the point above – Integrate. It helps. Big time.

3. Reduce Deployment Time

When it comes to improving productivity and increasing sales, you need to make sure your deployments are hassle-free. Plus, no business owner has time to waste as all businesses are navigating in a circle of still competition. One slide down and another brand is ready to take the plunge above.

It’s time to streamline your deployment process and reduce your deployment time with a turnkey integration solution to help you modify and migrate all the key business data so you can focus on what you do the best.

P. S. The best part about turnkey integration is it can be implemented into your current business workflow with any disruption of work. Sounds cool, right?

4. Time And Resources – Save Them

This can be better explained with the help of scenarios.

Let’s say you are a business owner with 20 employees working for your company.

Scenario 1: Employees spend most of the time on data entry and checking if there is a single source of truth and accurate data in all the channels where your products and services are listed.

Scenario 2: You enter your office every day to see your employee working towards achieving your business goals: brainstorming ideas, formulating strategies, and implementing campaigns to upscale your business.

Which is a scenario you are most likely to choose?

If you had to ask you, we’d day two. Because the same work which your resources spend time on can be done with the help of automated systems in real-time with zero data off when the information is migrated from BigCommerce to Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP.

5. Handle As Many Orders

Every company dreams big and sets a route map to achieve the goals. But the bigger question: are you prepared to handle 1000s of orders each day?

If you are a company that is not seeing so many orders currently, yet, we hope to see a day when your company will outshine your present-self and see an upsurge in sales.

Will you think about the next step then or take it now?

Integrating BigCommerce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP will help you to handle as many orders as you want to, without having to hire extra people and spend extra money.

The orders purchased on BigCommerce will automatically be reflected and reduced in the ERP as well if you integrate. This way, you can also keep a track of the inventory levels and stock quantity.

6. Serve Customer Better

Ever heard any business say that customer satisfaction ‘does not’ matter? I bet not. You repeat a restaurant only because your first visit was fruitful. And the same formula applies to all businesses, no matter the industry.

Wondering how you can serve customers better with BigCommerce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration?

When you have all the customers and product data, it makes your teams respond to customer queries faster, providing them with the latest order status information, and crafting personalized services.

Remember this: Happy Customers > More Happier Customers.

Take care of your customers well and they’ll be your marketing agents by spreading the word of mouth.


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