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Epicor Kinetic Automation: All You Need to Know

Girinath A
June 13, 2024 |
Epicor Kinetic Automation

Epicor Kinetic ERP is designed to help manufacturers and distributors, making it useful for multiple industries. It helps them maximize their profits with real-time inputs and seamlessly automated workflows.

Epicor Kinetic automation helps manage data flow between Epicor and other apps more easily. With lots of features and an easy-to-use interface, It is ideal for businesses wanting to simplify their operations and boost efficiency.

How to Achieve Epicor Kinetic Automation

Epicor Kinetic can be automated in two ways:

Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

Epicor Kinetic, the cloud-based ERP application Epicor Kinetic Automation for manufacturing, now has new automation capabilities. These features help manage data flow between Epicor ERP and other apps. The new Epicor Automation Studio lets developers automate workflows and link the ERP system with other data. This Epicor automation studio is powered by Workato.  

Besides Workato, you can also use ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) integration platforms designed for manufacturers and distributors, like DCKAP Integrator. DCKAP has a lot of experience with Epicor ERPs and has worked with hundreds of B2B businesses till date.

Epicor Kinetic Automation Tool (ATE)

Intended for tasks that are either repetitive or involve huge volumes of data. It has many features for Epicor automation, but it’s not as popular as iPaaS.

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What Functions Can be Automated with Epicor Kinetic

Epicor Kinetic Manufacturing ERP is a performance-driven solution, particularly developed for manufacturers around the world. It has powerful features that streamlines your supply chain and forecast demand to fulfill your order in an efficient way, it is featured with new standards for performance in business

Here’s what you can do with Epicor Kinetic automation:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Manage your entire customer lifecycle—from initial contact to orders and ongoing business—with comprehensive CRM tools.

Keep track of customer contacts, communications, and activity history effortlessly.

Sales Order Management

Simplify managing your sales pipeline, forecasts, and order processing.

Marketing Automation

Execute effective marketing strategies through marketing automation, including email campaigns, social media, and other activities.

Order Management

Efficiently manage the orders placed by the customers, from tracking an order to delivering it.

Inventory Management

Optimize your inventory level and track the stock across various locations for enhanced business efficiency.

Design and Engineering

Automate the process of designing and engineering to avoid the error rate of design and engineering.

Project Management

Effective project management through proper supervision of tasks, milestones, and resources

Production Management

Streamline your production processes with features such as work order management, scheduling, and quality control.

Use the product configurator in Epicor Kinetic ERP to perform tasks efficiently and accurately.

Asset and Customer Service Management

Easily track and manage your assets and customer service needs using the built-in tools.

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Benefits of Epicor Kinetic Automation

1. Improved Collaboration

Epicor Kinetic ERP enables real-time information sharing across teams without any email reminders.  It includes sending auto-reminders to reply to the inventory shortage or order-chart amendments immediately, hence changing the whole working style into proactive from reactive. 

Epicor automation permits relatively easy responses to a host of changes in a matter of time without losing the nuance, hence taking some of the pressures off the workforce.

2. Improved Workflow Management

Automation clarifies and eases the workflow process, thereby cutting out bottlenecks along the way and increasing productivity. The level of staff tension is down to the least since few duplicated tasks will be present, therefore allowing workloads to be handled according to plan.

With Epicor ECM, it simplifies workload needs such as the ability to create and modify content-driven workflows and abilities. Other modules, for instance, the Epicor Automation Studio, enable the worker to design custom workflows that cater to specific operational needs in order to give them greater control over workflows and usability.

3. Centralized Data Management

Epicor Kinetic consolidates all customer, order, and inventory data in one place, providing a comprehensive view of your business. This centralized data approach facilitates better decision-making and enhances visibility into business operations.

4. Flexible Access

Using the Epicor Kinetic mobile app, you can work from any place at any time—to access customer and order information or to create those new sales orders. This provides a higher level of productivity and responsiveness.

5. Operational Efficiency

Epicor Kinetic provides management tools to perform order management, product management, CRM, SCM, and inventory management. All this ensures the automation of tasks and workflows in the enterprise, making business processes efficient and effective.

6. Improved Customer Service

Epicor Kinetic ERP offers better customer experiences which creates customer loyalty and satisfaction through the functions of sales management, marketing automation, and customer service management.

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Automate Epicor Kinetic ERP with DCKAP Integrator

Epicor Kinetic and DCKAP Integrator together form the most powerful solution available for manufacturers and distributors. Kinetic is tailored specifically with B2B processes in mind, while DCKAP Integrator is a low-code Integration Platform that simplifies integration for B2B companies.  

Here’s an overview of what they can accomplish together: 

  • Single source of truth
  • End-to-end business cycle management with real-time insights
  • Extensive product data management
  • Full-featured supply chain management
  • Solution deployment in the cloud or on-premises
  • Access to system data and functions through traditional desktop apps, online web access, or mobile devices
  • Intuitive user experience, including a role-based active home page


What are some popular Epicor solutions?

Some of the popular Epicor U.S. solutions are: 

  • Epicor Propello:  A retail management system for the individual retailer, responding to the peculiar needs of service and maintenance operations to meet customer demand effectively.
  • Epicor Prophet: Known for its strong capabilities in digital commerce, Epicor Prophet helps businesses manage their online presence, streamline ecommerce processes, and enhance customer experiences.
  • Epicor Vision:  Designed for the automotive aftermarket segment, it assists in inventory control, sales, and customer support so that automotive businesses can quickly respond to customer demand and market shifts.
  • Epicor Kinetic: Comprehensive ERP software across manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain management to provide potent real-time data capabilities for analysis and automation of production planning and workflows for efficient enterprise operation.

How Epicor Kinetic Differs from Other ERPs

  • Full-Scope ERP Software: Manages the business process from production to sales.
  • Designed for Manufacturers and Distributors: Equipped with important features usually not available in other general ERP systems—especially in the area of product configurators.
  • Modular Hierarchy: Customizable with add-on features without source code change, which will ultimately reduce implementation costs.
  • Mobile Application Access: Provides an application with mobile access anytime, anywhere, to all the data and progress of business operations of a company.
  • Other Important Features: It comes along with its CRM software and, also, with total business automation—all of which are the need of the hour for overall manufacturing and distribution processes.

How does Epicor Kinetic automation help with workflow management?

Epicor Kinetic Automation improves workflow management by offering pre-built workflow automations that reduce time-consuming tasks. This allows ECM users to create, manage, and optimize workflows in accordance with best practices, ensuring smoother operations and higher productivity.

How does AI enhance the functionality of Epicor Kinetic?

By automating Epicor Kinetic, AI enables advanced data analysis, predictive insights, and intelligent automation. For example, AI can identify patterns in data, forecast inventory needs, and automate customer interactions, enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions and improve overall efficiency.

Can Epicor Kinetic integrate with other applications?

Yes, Epicor Kinetic can be integrated with an iPaaS, which could include DCKAP Integrator packed with connectors for seamless integration with other applications and data sources. It could enable the integration of every system that the organization has so that all parts work in harmony and there are no connectivity issues for a well-oiled approach in data and process management.

What problems can be solved with Epicor automation?

Epicor ERP Automation addresses several critical business challenges. It eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing errors and saving valuable time. By providing real-time business intelligence, it enhances decision-making and insights. It seamlessly integrates with MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) to streamline production processes and boost efficiency. For RMS (Retail Management Systems), it automates retail operations, improving inventory management and customer satisfaction. Overall, it significantly reduces errors in data handling and processing, ensuring accuracy and reliability across the board.

How efficient is sales order automation by Epicor Kinetic?

Sales Order Automation by Epicor Kinetic is highly efficient and offers numerous benefits. It supports business growth by streamlining the sales order process, enabling businesses to handle more orders with less effort. This automation provides a head start by accelerating order processing, reducing delays, and enhancing customer satisfaction. It also promotes sustainability by minimizing paper use and reducing manual intervention. The main point of using sales order automation is to improve operational efficiency and accuracy. One crucial thing of Epicor Kinetic’s Sales Order Automation is its seamless integration with other systems, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow. 

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