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How to Increase Lead Capture by 15% in 15 Minutes?

By |July 16, 2020 March 7th, 2022No Comments

So, you want to grow your email list and improve sales, but you don’t know where to begin? Enter conversion rate optimization (CRO). 

First, CRO is exactly what it sounds like – optimizing how you convert visitors interacting with your website, email, ads, or social media posts. In this blog, we’ll be talking exclusively about the on-site CRO process and the one thing everyone should have whether they’ve been at CRO for a while or just starting out: Lead Capture.

A lead capture pop-up is designed to gather visitors’ information so that you can contact them later on, once they leave your site. The most common item to collect is a name and email, but phone numbers for SMS marketing are becoming increasingly popular and useful for eCommerce sites.

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While there are numerous ways to collect a visitor’s information on your site, we’ll stick with the top evergreen lead capture strategies to help get you started in the shortest amount of time possible.

Top Lead Capture Strategies

Make an Offer They Can’t Refuse: The New Visitor Promotion

A new visitor promotion is one that fires whenever a new visitor comes onto your site in an attempt to get their contact information. These typically offer a gated discount on their first order in exchange for an email or phone number. Depending on your store and audience, offering free shipping, a related e-book, or even a free gift can be even more effective for getting visitors to engage with your pop-ups. One advantage of the new visitor pop-up is that you can time them to strategically fire only after a visitor has been on your site long enough to understand what your store is about. Nothing is worse on a site than being immediately presented with a pop up, especially if it’s your first time there. You can easily A/B test your popups and throw in a few extra targeting rules for greater personalization and watch your lead capture rate continue to grow.

SMS Marketing Optimization

If you’re looking to grow your SMS lists and mobile messaging for the upcoming holiday season, look no further. Ease of use is the biggest pain point for mobile traffic, so the process needs to be quick and seamless.

With an SMS call-to-action layer on mobile promotions, you can quickly collect subscribers using a two-step opt-in that automatically takes the subscriber from tapping “Yes” to their SMS (texting) app on their phone with a ready-to-send message. All they have to do is hit “Send” and they’re opted-in! With 95% open rates and a 209% higher response rate, SMS should be a part of any modern digital marketing strategy. 

Exit Offer

 An exit offer pop up promotion is designed as a last-chance attempt to get a visitor to convert or gather information before they leave the site. By analyzing a user’s behavior on the site, these pop-ups only fire when a user is indicating they may be about to leave (like mousing toward another tab or closing out a window).

Typically, these will offer an ungated discount offer, such as a 10% discount code directly displayed, in order to improve the chances of them checking out on an order then and there. Exit offers are designed to encourage same-session conversions with this tactic, rather than risk an abandoned cart or anonymous visitor. Remember, you’ll still get their contact information once the sale is made in order to re-engage further down the road.

Already have these and need more tips?

One pop-up style that’s not used as often (or well-implemented) is Gamification, where a visitor is enticed with a game in exchange for their contact information. These are most commonly found as spin-to-wins, slot machine, mystery prize games, and more. By incorporating the elements of a game into a non-game setting (shopping online), this appeals to a visitor’s fun side. When they spin a wheel to “win” a prize, they feel a sense of ownership and accomplishment that makes for a creative and exciting onsite experience. 

Pro Tip:If you’re looking to customize your promotions further, gamified pop-ups are some of the best promotions to use. Turn your products into the game format, use out of the box shapes, there’s endless possibilities for making these your own.

Lastly, there’s one element that has become increasingly important yet often ignored when creating on-site experiences: Personalization.

 You probably have an ideal customer profile (ICP) for your product and brand. If you’re running ads, it’s likely that they’re highly specific in who they target and appear for. The on-site experience your visitors run into should be no less specific. Target visitors coming in from different sources – Instagram, Facebook, Organic Search, Referral – and show them a more relevant, specified pop-ups that mirror what they saw prior to coming to your website via UTM tracking parameters. With Justuno, simply enter in the specific UTM tracking parameters into the targeting rules, and you’re done. Targeting and personalization made easy.

Want to go even further? Set up landing pages specific to each off-site marketing campaign with matching pop-ups to create a completely cohesive, relevant experience for each visitor. 

The conversion rate optimization journey doesn’t end here – these are only a few of the many ways you can convert more visitors into leads, but some of the most important to consider. If you want to maximize your future marketing campaign’s success, start collecting lead information now for a fully formed and segmented list later on – especially for the big holidays like Black Friday / Cyber Monday.

An old Chinese proverb states that the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. The best time to build your email subscriber list was last year; the second-best time is now. 

Plant your CRO seeds today with a 14-day free trial. 

We would like to thank Michael Wadsworth for his insightful contribution in the form of this guest blog post.

Michael Wadsworth

Author Michael Wadsworth

Michael Wadsworth is a Partner Marketing Associate at Justuno. He is passionate about technology solutions across the e-commerce landscape and helping our partners leverage the Justuno platform to its fullest. When he’s not working, you can find him looking for the best take-out restaurants in Austin.

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