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DCKAP at Meet Magento India 2023, Mumbai

Divya Sree
March 3, 2023 |
DCKAP at Meet Magento India 2023

We were in Mumbai India to attend Meet Magento at The Leela Palace on the 3rd of February. We 10 of us had a great time in Mumbai. 

Hurray! “Meet Magento India 2023”, the very first event that I got to attend was a great one. The event that was organized by Evrig and Wagento in Mumbai on Feb 3 was a grand affair. Being the very first event to attend for most of us, it got us very excited. The excitement ensured that we were well prepared. A special thanks to Dipthi, Sindhu and the entire HR team for getting our trip scheduled.

Places we visited before the Meet Magento Event and we felt like a mini-Mumbai tour and Homecoming 2.0

Feb ‘2 2023 2:30 PM: we all met Sindhu Perumal, Gowtham Ram N, Divya Sree R, Kalashree P and Venkateshwaran P at Terminal 2 in Mumbai and the cab driver picked us up and dropped us off at the DragonFly- The Art Hotel, Mumbai.

Feb ‘2 2023 3:15 PM: Another cab driver picked up Karthik Chidambaram and Mohan Natarajan from Terminal 1 at the Mumbai Domestic Airport and dropped them off at the DragonFly- The Art Hotel, Mumbai.

Feb ‘2 2023 4:20 PM: We all got ready for the small Mumbai trip.

Bandra-Worli Sealink, The Jindal House, The Ambani Residence – Antilia, Gateway of India, Taj Hotel, Oberoi Hotel, Air India Building, Marine Drive, Mantralaya, Girgaon Chowpatty (Beach), Saifee Hospital, Shahrukh Khan House – Mannat and Bandra Bandstand.

We spent some time at the Gateway of India, tried Mumbai street food (Bhelpuri, Samosa Pav with Cutting Chai), did some street shopping and bargaining, and enjoyed the conversation with Karthik Chidambaram on the street with our mango and butterscotch milkshake.

Gateway of India, Mumbai

Feb ‘2 2023 11:00 PM: After visiting all the places, we headed to the Persian Darbar for dinner where we met Tarun Vishwanath Karkera, Vibha N., and Tahir Aziz. Thank you greatly, Tarun Vishwanath Karkera, for fetching Tahir Aziz from the Dragonfly Hotel and transporting him to the Persian Darbar. We waited for about 40 to 45 minutes for a Dastarkhwan to become available. We had dinner with all the community members, enjoyed chit-chatting, and shared our different funny experiences. After dinner, the cab drivers dropped off all the members at the DragonFly Hotel for rest.

Highlights from Meet Magento India 2023:

All the attendees arrived at the Leela Hotel for the event and we entered into meeting hall after completing the registration process. The event was officially opened with a welcome speech by Vijay Golani, the founder and CEO of Evrig Solutions.

  • The keynote speaker, Dan Garner, CEO of On Tap and Aitoc, presented on “Time Traveling with Magento”. He demonstrated the evolution of Magento and confirmed that the pricing of Magento extensions would remain unchanged for both Magento Open Source and Enterprise editions.
  • Mohan Natarajangave an insightful presentation in the Solutions Track titled “Simplifying Commerce for Distributors”. He answered audience questions with expertise and clarity.
Mohan N representing DCKAP at Meet Magento India 2023
  • Ferenc Varga, CTO of ITG Commerce, delivered a technical presentation in a Technical Track session on how to enhance Magento Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) with Server-Side Rendering (SSR).
  • Pradip Shah presented a technical talk in the Technical Track on Improving Headless/PWA Performance.
  • Piyush Dankhar, an architect from ITG Commerce, demonstrated Rewardenv – an advanced CLI tool for creating development environments. He showed how to install it for both Magento Blank and customized Magento sites and provided a link to the Rewardenv documentation for further information (
  • Sakshi Bissa gave an informative presentation in the Solution Track, discussing the advantages of selecting “Fastly” to remain ahead in the trillion-dollar industry.
  • Vatsal Shah, a Board Director of the Magento Association, delivered a keynote address on how to preserve open-source Magento by becoming a paid member, starting from $1 to $100 per month.
  • Saurabh Sharma, the Solution Consulting Practice Lead, gave a keynote address and presented the roadmap of several Adobe products for Adobe Commerce.
  • The Meet Magento India 2023 event concluded with closing remarks from J. P. Singh, CEO of Wagento.

Takeaways from Meet Magento India 2023:

Major Takeaways from the event:

  1. What is in for Magento in the future?
  2. How we can implement functionalities using AI.
  3. Performance optimization.
  4. Tools for managing multiple dev environments.
  5. Magento association and its purposes.
  6. Power of networking.

After our event gets over by 5.30 we celebrated Tahir 8 years work anniversary in Mumbai with that we wind off our Mumbai trip and went to the airport. The airport view was tremendous and we loved it.

Divya Sree

Divya Sree Ravi is a Software Engineer at DCKAP, who is passionate about Magento. With 2+ years of experience, she is an Adobe Certified Professional - Adobe Commerce Developer. When she is not coding, you can find her in the midst of books, listening to music, or watching science-fiction movies.

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