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How to Navigate Sales in Distribution & Retain B2B Talent

Jacqueline Portillo
May 31, 2022 |
Sales in Distribution

Dr. Bharani Nagarathnam and Dr. Norm Clark of Texas A&M University recently had great conversations that offered insight into retaining talent and improving sales in distribution. They sat down with DCKAP’s Founder and CEO, Karthik Chidambaram. He spoke with Dr. Bharani Nagarathnam, Associate Director and Instructional Assistant Professor about How to Retain the Right Kind of B2B Talent and with Dr. Norm Clark, Associate Professor of Instruction about Navigating the Great Reshuffle in B2B Sales.

Here are a few key takeaways from each conversation:

How to Retain The Right Kind of B2B Talent – In Conversation With Dr. Bharani Nagarathnam

CEO and Founder, Karthik Chidambaram was able to receive industry insights from Dr. Bharani Nagarathnam at Texas A&M University. They discussed the significance of being able to retain and expand talent within your company and why it is important to do so. They also discussed the type of talent the distribution industry needs and how the industry is evolving. 

More key takeaways: 

  • The distribution industry is significantly changing and evolving. 
  • There is a generational shift in the industry where there are more Gen Z and Millennials in the workforce.
    • Gen Z and Millenials have a low tenure of  2.6 to 2.8 years compared to the average tenure for the entire workforce of 4.8 years. 
  • It has become a big challenge in acquiring and retaining top talent.
  • A company’s biggest asset is the people they hire.
  • A problem that is being seen recently is acquiring frontline workers in the distribution industry, there are two solutions discussed: 
  1. Increase pay
  2. Set up training programs and invest in growing your talent to fit your needs- it is important to invest in continuous learning and education
  • How can distributors help retain talent?
    • Develop a career path 
    • Work Culture
      • This is a big playing factor in keeping your talent
    • Provide learning opportunities
      • This can help with job satisfaction

Make sure to watch the full conversation to learn more! 

Navigating the Great Reshuffle in B2B Sales – In Conversation with Dr. Norm Clark

Dr. Norm Clark from Texas A&M University specializes in Industrial Distribution Sales. CEO and Founder, Karthik Chidambaram was able to speak to him about how distribution sales can be very different within this field compared to others. They also discussed how digital tools are very important to have especially post-pandemic. 

More key takeaways: 

  • Sales are a bit different in the distribution industry compared to other industries.
    • Usually, sales can be considered very transactional but in the distribution industry, it is important to present in a solution-based sales process.
      • The first 3-5 minutes are crucial to establish credibility and to pique enough curiosity, for the potential buyer to continue to want to hear what you have to say.
      • Engaging a potential buyer in a conversation about their business and identifying any challenges they have is very important to do so you are able to provide solutions they may need.  
  • Effective B2B sales training is important and it should be designed to change behavior. 
  • Digital tools are important for salespeople to have especially post-pandemic.
  • Having an eCommerce platform that is easy to navigate is very important!
  • eCommerce can help identify trends. 

Make sure to watch the full conversation between Karthik and Dr. Clark to learn more!

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Jacqueline Portillo

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