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Bosch Hydraulic Connections

Bosch Hydraulic Connections

ERP and PIM Integration To Remove Redundancy.

About Bosch Hydraulic Connections Ltd

Bosch Hydraulic Connections Ltd is the leading hydraulic hose and fitting distributor with locations in Edmonton, Acheson & Calgary. They specialize in connecting hydraulic supplies that meet or exceed American SAE specifications. These include hoses, fittings, adapters, ball valves, quick-release couplers, support clamps, pressure test fittings, and tubing.

The company is built on providing excellent customer service and has developed a long-standing trust with its clients. In addition, they offer around-the-clock “on-call service”, to handle emergency needs. They handle over 20,000 SKUs via eCommerce and have an offline presence in three locations: Edmonton, Calgary, and Acheson.

Business Requirements

Manual Data Entry eats up both time and resources. The efforts that were being spent on entering and locating data can very well be used elsewhere which would bring more revenue to the company. Bosch Hydraulics decided to put an end to Manual Data Entry and wanted to integrate their ERP and eCommerce for better operational efficiency.

Another barrier they had was the handling of their product data. They had 1000s of products and an even larger number of SKUs which made it difficult to manage and streamline product data which was in turn affecting the way business runs.

Bosch Hydraulics got in touch with DCKAP Integrator to find an end to the never-ending manual data entry and wanted to harness the power of integration to supercharge their growth in the industry. And also wanted to find an amicable solution that would make their product data access and accuracy convenient.

Since they already had plans to integrate their ERP with eCommerce, Bosch wanted to ensure that data transactions could be optimized. The process of downloading content from the ERP, adapting the details to the format supported by BigCommerce, and then reuploading at the store would be far too time-consuming.

In addition, the risk of hard-to-detect errors and/or missing data only made the need for a practical PIM solution even more apparent.

Solution with DCKAP Integrator

Being an eCommerce store running on BigCommerce with P21 as their ERP for backend management, check out the use cases we collaborated to ensure there is data flow consistency across all channels, all the time.

1. Customer Sync: BigCommerce > P21
2. Products Sync: P21 > DCKAP PIM > BigCommerce
3. Inventory Sync: P21 > BigCommerce
4. Orders Sync: BigCommerce > P21
5. Order Processing Sync: P21 > BigCommerce

The business-critical information that was earlier scattered is now synced and streamlined to and fro between ERP and eCommerce (BigCommerce and P21) making it easier to access data. And now exists a single source of truth that stands as a testament of customer order information, product data, and more than can be distributed to all the channels.

Earlier, the barrier with product data was also fulfilled. A lot of assembly products can now be fulfilled. And only the saleable products get displayed to the buyers in the eCommerce store, making it convenient to know what products are there for sale and what aren’t.

Also, with the help of DCKAP PIM, a lot of customizations on product levels can be achieved. The team can add a lot of product images, details, descriptions, and more about the product without any hassles. This way, the seller gives details for the prospect so they come to a buying decision quicker.

Solution with DCKAP PIM

Now, updates need only be made at the ERP and DCKAP PIM automatically updates BigCommerce with all the changes made, after converting the data into the supported format. In the event that any data is missing or has an error, the PIM is equipped to detect the gap in information. It can then make the necessary changes in a timely manner, identifying the source of the error.

The team at Bosch Hydraulic Connections has saved hours of effort spent on redundant processes, focusing on other key areas of business. All this while maintaining their commitment to quality and timely action for the customers.

Bosch Hydraulic Connections



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