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C. W. Hayden Co.

C. W. Hayden Co.

Driving growth with data integration.

About Company

C.W. Hayden offers industrial, marine, and safety products for individuals and companies with a dedicated team of experts who take the time to understand and adhere to every customer’s needs. Since 1948, C.W. Hayden has served all types of industry with knowledgeable, hands-on sales representation, superior customer service, and accurate delivery methods providing our customers industry-leading support and service.

Business Requirements

Being a company that dealt primarily with industrial and marine products, they wanted their products to be accessible for customers at multiple touchpoints. Thereby, they set out to showcase and sell their products also on 3M Marketplace which is an online space bustling with buyers.

Having P21 ERP for their backend processing and streamlining, C.W. Hayden Co. got in touch with DCKAP Integrator to integrate their P21 Cloud System with the Mirakl marketplace to sell faster and smarter with all the data they need in one place, updated and ready-to-use.

Integration Solutions

If the important data is scattered in multiple repositories and not streamlined, it slows down the work efficiency and eats up a lot of employee time.

Whereas, a complete backend integration of data helped C.W. Hayden to accelerate orders and communicate more effectively. Check out the business use case integrated by DCKAP Integrator.

Offer Sync

All the products that are entered via the P21 and put up for sale shall be synced. The details of all the offers will appear for customers buying in Mirakl. This way, it is easy for customers to explore a wide range of products.

Data Flow: P21 -> Mirakl

Inventory Sync

All information related to inventory, such as the number of items available, sold-out items that are added in the ERP system is scheduled to sync frequently into the Mirakl storefront.

Data Flow: P21 -> Mirakl

Order Sync

After an order is placed in the Mirakl storefront, the order details along with buyer information are forwarded to the backend ERP. The data is stored there and further used for processing and completion of orders.

Data Flow: P21 -> Mirakl

Order Processing Sync

This is more of, an acknowledgment that an order has been made. The details of the order are advanced for fulfillment, with necessary information being stored and later synced back to the Mirakl database.

Data Flow: P21 -> Mirakl

Benefits of 3M Marketplace and P21 Integration

By connecting 3M Marketplace with their current ERP, P21 — the processes to integrate and segregate data together from different systems, C.W. Hayden can reduce bottlenecks in the order-to-cash workstream, and reduce time delays in the fulfillment, delivery, and invoicing process. By doing so, C.W. Hayden Co. can eliminate the manual work done on the Mirakl system which otherwise takes hours of tedious and time-consuming work.

The plus point being immediate access to real-time and updated information being available of both marketplace and ERP. Another distinct feature integrated by DCKAP Integrator is the one that auto-approves all orders from 3M and notifies the same to the company. This way, they can be aware of the order inflow on a periodical basis enabling in driving great efficiencies, accurate planning, and better sales forecast.

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