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CyM Distributors

CyM Distributors

Unparalleled Experience By Integrating Magento 2 With MySQL Using DCKAP Integrator.

About CyM Distributors

CyM Distributors is emerging as one of the biggest and constantly growing aftermarket auto parts wholesalers, situated in Puerto Rico. They have been serving the local as well as the Caribbean market since the year 1987. They serve parts for Jeep, Korean and Japanese cars in their large facilities.

Currently, CyM Distributors import directly from the best parts manufacturers from a host of locations. These span over Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Peru, China, Spain, the USA, Italy, and other places with the primary objective of supplying a huge variety of quality part products for different clients in Puerto Rico as well as the Caribbean.

about cym distributors
The Integral Transformation

Instead of using an external platform/tool, CyM has directly been syncing their data using MySQL and was on the lookout for something that would solve their purpose of providing inputs and receiving outputs to a motor or automotive wiring diagram provider by analyzing their API.

They were also looking to implement a multiple invoice payment feature with 30-60 and 60-90 days options. Apart from syncing the products, they also wanted to sync the categories.

Magento 2 + MySQL: Business Requirements

In order to successfully mitigate the above-mentioned challenges, the transfer should cater to all data standards of MySQL and Magento 2. The client wanted to automate all eCommerce data transfer from Magento 2 to MySQL. From a broader perspective, CYM Distributors wanted a middleman to setup bi-directional communication between both platforms and ensure that they talk to each other constantly.

Effortless Experience with DCKAP Integrator

To provide access to more robust features, CyM was integrated with DCKAP Integrator. These features helped in adding value to the overall user experience. Thus, allowing both B2B/B2C customers to shop with ease. The key features integrated with DCKAP Integrator have been mentioned below:

– Invoice payment sync without any delay
– Syncing of price rules
– Category sync through DCKAP Integrator
– Year, make, and model feature
– Purchase History
– Customer account creation

After the client shared their pain points with our solution specialist team, they had only one solution to offer that vanquishes all the business challenges they faced. And with no surprise, it was Magento 2 MySQL integration. Our expert analysts highlighted the easier solution it provides, to hit the database and make data update through CRUD operation directly in order to:

  • Save a considerable chunk of time by skipping the need to create and/or call ERP API (Direct database calls doesn’t require API as a gateway)
  • The source of truth for business data is MySQL database, so direct update to database eliminates dual work

The client liked this suggestion and immediately gave the green light for kickstarting Magento 2 MySQL Integration. DCKAP Integrator experts soon began with the integration setup and rolled out the following integration pipes:

  1. CYM Product Updates: MySQL > Magento 2
  2. CYM Customer Registration: Magento 2 > MySQL
  3. CYM Order Status: MySQL > Magento 2
  4. CYM New Orders: Magento 2 > MySQL
  5. CYM Product Details: MySQL > Magento 2
  6. CYM Inventory: MySQL > Magento 2

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