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Staying compliant and scaling up fast with Magento 2 Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration.

About E-Z UP

In this fast-paced world, it is inherently important to keep our business connected and agile to meet the market requirements, at all times. Every business owner must have the control to do business the way they envision. Similarly, E-Z UP already had integration when they approached DCKAP Integrator. However, they wanted to explore and modify a few more suggestions that would make the systems optimized and more customizable. Also, to enable all the custom requirements when the demand needed it.

Integration Solutions

DCKAP Integrator, with the assistance of our integration experts, optimized and automated (the otherwise) repetitive manual tasks to increase the speed of data exchange and improve customer service efficiency for E-Z UP. The following are the business use cases that are connected seamlessly by DCKAP Integrator for the efficient running of E-Z UP’s backend systems.

Customer Sync

The data is synced to and fro with all the platforms integral to the running of the brand (namely, Magento, Microsoft NAV, Salesforce, and DotDigital). The data sync includes guest customers and registered customers too.

Data Flow: All four (Magento, Microsoft NAV, Salesforce, and DotDigital)

Product Sync

All the product details, as and when are updated, shall be synced from Magento to Microsoft NAV. This way, the people working can be aware of the product details, custom features, and more.

Data Flow: Microsoft NAV to Magento

Inventory Sync

Undermining the essentiality of stock available in the backend is critical to run a business. With this Inventory Sync, all the details are navigated from Magento to Microsoft NAV with real-time updates.

Data Flow: Microsoft NAV to Magento

Order Sync

Every time an order is placed, the same is updated and synced in the backend from Magento to Microsoft NAV and Salesforce. In addition, order Details such as order ID, shipping method, carrier details are synced.

Data Flow: Magento to Microsoft NAV, Salesforce

Offline Order Sync

Not all orders are made online, especially in a sphere-like B2B space. And that’s why DCKAP Integrator has synced data from Magento to Microsoft NAV on the orders that are placed offline. This way, the backend also is updated.

Data Flow: Magento to Microsoft NAV

Opportunity Sync

If any opportunity has been created in Salesforce, the same will be updated in Dot Digital, to ensure all employees working are on the same page with regards to opportunities and inventory.

Data Flow: Salesforce to DotDigital

Pricing Sync

Prices of all the products are synced from Magento to Microsoft NAV so the seekers and sellers are aware of the current product price based on the market scenario. Any change in price shall also be updated.

Data Flow: Microsoft NAV to Magento

Volume Price Discount

When products are given at a discounted price to certain customers, the data of the same is synced from Magento to Volume Price Discount for keeping the stakeholders aware of the business deal.

Data Flow: Magento to Microsoft NAV

Magento 2 Microsoft Dynamics NAV Integration Benefits

DCKAP Integrator ensured all the data is unified, which otherwise has been scattered across different people from different domains. With all the data, updated real-time, and now made easy to access for the stakeholders, the queries can adhere to faster and complete order processing quicker than before.

E-Z UP went one step ahead of the usual ERP eCommerce Integration by integrating all the four platforms: Magento, Microsoft NAV, Salesforce, and DotDigital to accelerate the way they work. This also enhances the marketing efforts and helps big time in reaching prospects sooner with real-time data and never to be missed offers.

Now that DCKAP Integrator connected and brought all the data of customers into one place. Tracking and following up with customers has become simplified. The same can be leveraged to increase customer engagement, retention, which in turn escalates the overall revenue of the company.




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