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Factory Reproductions

Factory Reproductions

Acumatica WooCommerce Integration: Experience the power of automation.

About Factory Reproductions

Factory Reproductions has 20+ years of customer experience for the best quality and widest range of OEM replica wheel applications. They manufacture best in class replicas for Corvette, Camaro, GMC, Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Lexus, and Toyota.

Their attention to detail is exceptional throughout the entire manufacturing process. Each replica wheel offered by Factory Reproductions is compatible with OE TPMS sensors and is interchangeable with the OE center cap. The wheel finishes are durable, easy to maintain and deliver the closest resemblance to stock OEM wheels. Factory Reproductions prides itself on creating superior replica OE/OEM wheels while delivering unmatched customer service.


eCommerce: WooCommerce

Factory Reproductions had their eCommerce set up in WooCommerce to effectively cater to the buyers and match the customer demands for automobile parts with unflinching product quality.

ERP: Acumatica

The company managed its backend operations coupling with Acumatica, an ERP solution that streamlines operations by automated important processes for comprehensive business functionality.

Business Challenges

Manual data transfer, undoubtedly, was (and is) a tiring and redundant task that is highly volatile for companies looking to scale farther and grow faster. As days go by, it becomes extremely complicated to assess and access all the data, if the manual method escalates.

All the critical information such as order details and the consequent payment processing details had to be manually entered. Even a single error would cost a fortune.
The tracking number which will be assigned to the orders had to be manually done which resulted in wastage of time searching for the results amidst the already-existing pile of information.
The data sync was not immediate and undone unless there is a manual effort. Inconsistent data across multiple channels is never a good sign for any business.

The above-said were the challenges Factory Reproductions faced that prompted them to opt for an automated data linking with Acumatica WooCommerce Integration to standardize the process.

Business Requirements

It is an evident fact that the time required to process data through the manual method is therefore significantly reduced with automation. Factory Reproductions wanted real-time data transfer to serve customers better with accurate data, yield substantial opportunities for the future and therefore approached DCKAP Integrator for linking their critical business use cases and data such as Customer Details, Inventory, Products Data, Order Details, Tracking Number Sync, and more.


Below is the information that was connected as part of Acumatica WooCommerce Integration to streamline key processes and combine crucial data of daily business operations that help to run the business. The team at DCKAP Integrator understood the bottlenecks hindering the growth of Factory Reproductions and wanted to provide a robust business solution so the company can focus on achieving their dreams while DCKAP Integrator fixed aligning the data between the two systems. Check out what we delivered.

Customers Sync

The details of both Web Customers and Guest Customers whenever created or updated are set to sync from eCommerce store to ERP, to help personalize the customer experience, custom selling options, and more.

Data Flow: WooCommerce to Acumatica

Products Sync

The details of the products in ERP will now reflect in the eCommerce automatically post-integration. Maintaining uniformity in detail helps merchants gain an effective overview of the business moving forward.

Data Flow: Acumatica to WooCommerce

Inventory Sync

Or Flexible Inventory Sync, we’d like to call it. Because apart from syncing the details to eCommerce, the company has the liberty to sync anytime. Or set an Auto-sync, hourly once like how we did.

Data Flow: Acumatica to WooCommerce

Order Processing

Once the order details are brought to Acumatica, the shipment details are processed, invoices are created and the corresponding order processing details are again sent to the frontend eCommerce in no time.

Data Flow: Acumatica to WooCommerce

Pricing Sync

All the prices of products will be synced once in a day. Just in case there are any changes in the price from the earlier days, the changes also shall be reflected from the ERP to the eCommerce store.

Data Flow: Acumatica to WooCommerce

Line Wise Discount Sync

If the order is placed in Acumatica, the particular item will be selected and shown in the frontend as discounted. In case of a similar scenario in WooCommerce, there would be a whole discount for that order.

Data Flow: WooCommerce to Acumatica

Tracking Number Sync

After payment details are verified in Acumatica, the shipment process is created and a tracking number will be generated to track the order. And DCKAP Integrator helps to sync that unique number with WooCommerce.

Data Flow: Acumatica to WooCommerce

Acumatica WooCommerce Integration: What Next?

With complete auto-data transfer between Factory Reproductions’ eCommerce and ERP, DCKAP Integrator helped the company to accomplish more in the times to come. The orders are now synced immediately, which otherwise did not happen without integration earlier. The inventory was set to sync once every hour so that the sellers are always brimming with accurate data. Not just that, the sync can happen anytime with just a click to set things on the roll. And now with Tracking Number sync also in place, employees will not have to spend too much time searching as this sync saves a lot of manual time and effort. Everything that was once done manually is automated now by DCKAP Integrator to get real-time insights and discover new ways to propel business growth faster than before.






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