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Grand Rock

Grand Rock

Delivered More Agility and Simpler Processes With Integration

About Grand Rock

Leading exhaust products provider unlocks innovative customer experiences and improved agility

Grand Rock, with a legacy of over four decades in their domain, wanted to make a shift to integrate their eCommerce platform and ERP. DCKAP Integrator helped them achieve scalable and sustainable business operation improvements with real-time data and saved time & costs.


They only used EvolutionX and wanted to integrate it with their ERP to enable every part of their business backend systems to work faster. And to do it all in single system integration.


All the backend and sync processes between important data points are now automated. No more manual data entry. No more error-prone systems. And finally, no more worries.

Sustaining Their Growth

Grand Rock has been in the business of Exhaust Products for over four decades and that is a number to reckon with. From tube cutting machines to CNC benders and end-forming machines, they’ve been specializing in quality exhaust systems for a long time.

But as times are changing and as they wanted to offer more innovative shopping experiences to their customers, Grand Rock wanted to integrate their ERP and eCommerce systems to ensure different business management applications work together so they can benefit from a unified data hub that automatically syncs data, thereby eliminating business silos.

Grand Rock only used EvolutionX as their eCommerce platform and wanted to explore Microsoft Navision. It was our pals at Navision who recommended DCKAP Integrator to the leading brand. And that was how the journey started.

EvolutionX and Microsoft Navision Integration

Grand Rock wanted to integrate ERP and eCommerce systems (i.e.) EvolutionX and Microsoft Navision respectively so that all the data is synchronized and customers can access real-time data in one place. This also helps their staff to focus on a higher level and business development tasks.

Below, we’ve mentioned the data points that were connected by DCKAP Integrator to optimize their business processes with automation.

  1. Customer Sync: Navision > EvolutionX
  2. Customer Product Codes: Sync: Navision > EvolutionX
  3. Inventory Sync: Navision > EvolutionX
  4. Pricing Sync: Navision > EvolutionX
  5. Order Sync: EvolutionX > Navision
  6. Order Processing Sync: Navision > EvolutionX

However, during the process of integration, there were little challenges when it came to syncing and the DCKAP Integrator team overcame it by carrying out Parent Child Sync which made the flow seamless. Also to mention that custom product code sync has been implemented.

Empowered To Save Time And Costs

Now that all the data migration between Navision and EvolutionX has been automated by DCKAP Inetgratork, this leaves less room for human error and more space for data consolidation. Grand Rock can now be more firm that their customers’ online shopping experience is now immersive.

This is what Grand Rock had to say about their experience, “DCKAP Integrator was able to map all fields we currently use and was able to sync them from our ERP system to our new website.”

And not just old customers, even new prospects can trust the brand, its purchase process, and the single source of truth that helps them to build credibility and arrive at a buying decision sooner.

Apart from eliminating the process of manual data entry, Order Processing has also been simplified with two-specific sync which makes the process happen faster. And even if there is a surge in online traffic at any time, the staff need not worry about it as DCKAP Integrator has connected in such a way to handle large incoming data and yet, the data is synced to and fro – leaving no space for hiccups to a customer during their purchase process.

Real-Time Pricing Sync has been set in place so that customers can know the actual price of the products – on that given date – they are considering buying.

With more agility and simpler processes, DCKAP Integrator made sure to offer Integration Solutions that encompassed traditional methods thereby giving Grand Rock real-time insights and the much-needed acceleration to help them shift gears fast.

We’ve seen the world of eCommerce grow faster than ever before and it is high-time companies across the world adopt automation for scaling up their brand. DCKAP is glad to have collaborated with Grand Rock who values the voice of the customer and is on a mission to be the premier exhaust solution manufacturer in their industry.

Automation and Integration that simply gets more done – to save their time and reduce backend barriers. That’s how we did it: Our way. The DCKAP way.




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