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Magento 2 Implementation and Epicor P21 ERP Integration

About Technico

Technico, Inc. is an established THK sales and distribution organization, offering THK motion control products and services required for industrial automation applications. Technico offers complete sales and support staff to assist customers with all of their motion control needs. Their primary sales efforts target mechanical and electrical design engineers, as well as purchasing and maintenance personnel.

They specialize in offering a broad range of automation technologies to OEMs in a wide variety of industries. Primary industrial applications include machine tool, metalworking, automotive, automation, transfer equipment, glass, robotics, tire and rubber, medical, injection molding, pick and place, press, steel mill equipment, packaging, and special machinery, among others.

They also have an established presence with end-user accounts, including automotive assembly plants, steel mills, stamping facilities, light and lamp plants, and a host of other large industrial users.

P21 Integration Business Requirements

The client felt the need to automate data transfers and business processes across its major applications. They wanted their front-end and back-end applications to talk to each other and eliminate human intervention for data transfer. Furthermore, the clients’ integration requirements included complex data transfer logic to connect with Epicor Prophet 21 which the native Prophet 21 API was unable to cater to.

Magento and P21 Integration

Technico has been built up as an online store using Magento 2. To combine their online and offline channels, DCKAP integrated their site from end-to-end with ERP EPICOR P21 using our product DCKAP Integrator. This allows the business to provide their B2B customers with an omnichannel experience. DCKAP Integrator’s Integration experts and solution specialists outlined the Magento P21 Integration process to the Technico team and drafted the following list of data points that the client wanted to integrate between Magento and P21.

  1. Customer Data: Magento > P21
  2. Product Information: P21 > Magento
  3. Order Status Using Custom P21 API: P21 > Magento
  4. Product Inventory: P21 > Magento
  5. New Orders Sync: Magento > P21
  6. Pricing Details: P21 > Magento

Magento P21 Integration was delivered on time by our integration experts to the Technico team with all the promised data points synchronized and integration flow up and running. The client was very happy to see the integration setup successfully and important dataflows automated. With this new and improved workflow, Technico scaled up their distribution business and expanded their reach through Magento P21 Integration using DCKAP Integrator.




Epicor Prophet 21




Magento & P21

Benefits of Magento P21 Integration

Technico is ready to start a digital transformation that improves productivity, increases employee work-speed, and streamlines backend processes, beginning by integrating their eCommerce and ERP, which has been made possible by DCKAP Integrator Connectors.

With integration taking to and fro all the business-critical data pertaining to orders, customers, and more – the company now with automated workflows can eliminate data chaos, make well-informed decisions with data, can simplify the day, and achieve efficiency.

“ Technico has worked with DCKAP to provide an interface between our ERP system, Epicor Prophet 21, and our Magento eCommerce site, via their Integrator API. Their insight, teamwork and knowledge base has proved invaluable to the progress of the project."
-- Tom

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