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Removed the roadblocks that restricted business growth.

About Vitabox

Vitabox uses automation and AI to deliver a personalized shopping experience to every customer. Their technology stack streamlines the entire buying process – from website to warehouse – allowing to pass on considerable savings to our customers.


eCommerce: BigCommerce

Having built their eCommerce store on BigCommerce, Vitabox was able to deliver a smooth customer shopping experience harnessing the power of technology and innovation that the platform essentially provides.

ERP: Distribution One

Vitabox uses Distribution One ERP to access all the important processes in the company by making data from all departments easily accessible to those who need it at any point in time.

Earlier Business Challenges

Vitabox has a huge product inventory and database that spans over 40,000+ products. And all those are compiled under multiple packages of products for easier buying.

It’s a dream moment for any brand to see a rise in orders, and when the count is more than 1000 per day – there’s no looking back. However, when businesses are not coupled with a robust backend to take care and transact all the orders seamlessly, that’s when the friction begins.

Vitabox got in touch with DCKAP Integrator to dissect and integrate their ERP: Distribution One with eCommerce: BigCommerce for the business operations to be tracked easily with optimum efficiency.


ERP and eCommerce Integration helps to manage every aspect of the business thereby helping the stakeholders to concentrate more on growing the business, while our middleware DCKAP Integrator, constructs the necessary settings to ensure hassle-free to and fro data flow. Check out the couple of ways in which DCKAP Integrator provided direct integration to Vitabox.

Inventory Sync

As quoted earlier, Vitabox houses a product database that is huge. So are the chances of products being oversold. And to avoid this, DCKAP Integrator integrated data from ERP to eCommerce for quick updation.

Data Flow: Distribution One to BigCommerce

Order Sync

Vitabox was receiving thousands of orders daily and each had to be handled quickly which includes perfect sync of the order details back in the ERP.

Data Flow: BigCommerce to Distribution One

Distribution One and BigCommerce Integrations Benefits

Working closely with the team at Vitabox, we were able to create a well-defined project plan that would seamlessly blend their orders and data without causing any discomfort to the ongoing business. DCKAP Integrator gave them complete visibility and control over their inventory levels so they always were updated on the time to replenish.

The rise in orders was not an issue once the integration was done as DCKAP Integrator derived a formula for easy buying and custom optimization. Also, when there is no or low stock, an auto-alert has been set to notify the handlers. The company, now, can have no worry about the data loss thereby reducing the chance of human data error and also quick sync of the data between eCommerce and the ERP.




Distribution One


BigCommerce & Distribution One


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